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Leadership principles

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Leadership principles al affiliation a. Leadership is basically the capa to turn a vision that one desires into a reality with the help of other individuals. I totally agree with all the principles of leadership simply because many who have strictly followed them have emerged to be successful leaders and have become important individuals in the society. The principles are easy to follow and simple and the fact that they not complicated to understand makes me even agree with them even more.
b. I would employ the principle of team work and cooperate with others in discussions and academic tour. I would take responsibility for my every grade and not seek people to blame about it. I would set good example to every other individual in the education center. As a student I would enhance good communication skills between myself, the tutors and my fellow students. In case of any conflicts in the course of my education process, I would employ the principle of good problem solving skills to ensure that the situation is well handled.
c. Am encouraging team work by discussions. I organize discussions and attend as many as possible just to share ideas and help one another. Am leading by an example because at school I have organized a group of volunteers that keeps the compound clean and educate other students on the leadership techniques and skills.
d. While doing any research proposal, I make sound and timely decisions, use good problem solving skills which are major principles of leadership. I also ensure that am in the fore front and thus leading by example.
e. I will research on more principles of leadership and follow them so that I may be fully equipped and enhance my leadership skills. I will also research on the progress of successful leaders and follow their footsteps.
Eims. L. Be a Motivational Leader: Lasting Leadership Principles. David C Cook, 2012

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