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Leaders and potential leaders

Leaders and Potential Leaders
In an article published by Riceland Enterprises, the writer argued that a leader should know how to utilize the abilities of his or her followers. To achieve this, the leader must motivate first the followers in order to know their skills. The writer’s military position was actually used to elaborate the main claim. The importance of maintaining a fine line in every decision-making was then emphasized. This can benefit both the leader and the followers. There were many instances that the followers became the writer’s rescuer. Second, the leader must learn how to cultivate his or her followers. Cultivation was aimed at using one’s intellect in doing a job. Emotional and actual advantages were given as the corresponding result. Third, the leader must be prepared to present the plan, to inform the followers of the requirements and to allow the followers to take control of the situation.
Examining the Author’s Methods
It is contended that the author did not implicitly state the thesis of the article. The statement could actually be simplified. Also, the grammatical structure was incorrect. The sentence started with a second person point of view and then it ended with a third person point of view ( the use of word you to them). Such kind of mistake could actually disappoint the reader. It has the tendency to take away the reader’s interest. As a result, one may stop reading the article upon noticing the wrong done. Nevertheless, if the one reading is a potential leader, then, there is a possibility that he or she will excuse such error.
Moreover, the writer was not able to present adequate ideas to support the thesis. The suggested ways were too general. It could have been specifically enumerated. The writer’s personal experiences were not enough to substantiate the proposed steps of utilization. Nonetheless, the third paragraph provided a logical example. Authoritative accounts could have been included to boost the author’s experience as a military officer. Furthermore, although there were certain points that the author omitted, the stated assumptions and warrants were acceptable to any person of an average intellectual capacity. The writer could have provided an example as to the first step of the utilization process. Also, a circumstance could have been given to support the last sentence in the first paragraph (“ Learn How”). Stated otherwise, the writer was not able to consider all the relevant factors to effectively argue the article’s topic. However, it would not be good for the article to recognize opposing positions as the topic was not really controversial.
The article was meant for leaders and potential leaders. Notably, the author should be given credit as to the sincere and encouraging attitude of the article. The writing tone could drive one’s interest to read despite the article’s weak arguments. The writer could be described as a responsible and motivated member of the military. There was a desire to utilize the other military members to have an efficient and unified military force. Obviously, the article exemplified the author’s good character as a leader.
Learn How to Utilize Your Followers. [Word File].

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