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Kite runner analysis

How is written and visual language used to persuade readers to share the point of view of in the letter by May Brown [350-400 words] May brown is parent of a student from Metro High School, being hugely disappointed with the principles decision to have a ban on mobile phones. She openly expresses her frustration and grief the ban has given to the family and asks him to reconsider.

The parent – May Brown rebuttals Mr Blacks decision to place a ban on mobile phones, instantly revealing her thoughts and feelings on the decision, being extremely ‘ upset’. The use of emotive language in her response is largely shown in the form of repetition, as she reminds Mr Black of how she’s still ‘ really upset’ and disappointed in his decision.

The instant usage of emotive language and incorporation of repetition is used to anger readers on what helps create a disgust aura to the decision.

She also uses an anecdote, revealing the family’s daily routine, telling Mr Black how inconvenient and the difficulties that arise through the banning of mobile phones. With the decision to buy her daughter a mobile phone two years ago, seemingly making life ‘ easier’, she exaggerates on how the public transport is late daily. Her use of a hyperbole is highlighted when she describes of how ‘ notoriously’ unreliable the public transport is daily.

The use of an anecdote and over exaggeration helps create a sympathetic emotion towards the writer.

The use of inclusive and rhetorical question is used when May Brown asks Mr Black on how ‘ good’ of an idea for students to play a role in setting rules. She makes him think about the answer for a brief second, with outlining the individual skills that will be acquired such as responsibility. May Brown openly involves the community to her point of view, referring to the community as a whole, ‘ benefitting’. By: Miko Tran

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