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~kimaya~ symbolize important things in ancient egyptians

~Kimaya~ ArtAncient Egypt art was created by artisans Egypts artisans were highly skilled laborers that created some of the most beautiful art objects. Artisans rarely got respect from the higher classes. There were different artisans such as carpenters, jewelers, leather workers, metal. workers, painters potters sculptors and weavers. Most artisans were men although some women wove fabric. Most skilled artisans were stone carvers.

Stone carvers helped equip with artwork to honor and preserve the dead. Pharaohs called upon hundreds of artisans at a time to work on royal projects. Ancient Egyptian art was created to symbolize important things in Ancient Egyptians life. Ancient Egypt art was SWriting 10.) Hieroglyphics are a part of the ancient egypt writing system. 11.)There are more than 2, 000 hieroglyphics.

12.)In the social pyramid scribes were below priests13.) Scribes could only be boys 14.) To become scribes boys had to attend scribe school15.)Students had to memorize over 700 out of the 200016.) They practiced on wood, stone and broken pottery if they improved they were allowed to write on papyrus. 17.)Papyrus is made out of papyrus plant that is a reed.

18.) 1 out 100 egyptians get to be scribes. 19.) It takes at least 12 years to be a scribe. 20.) Scribes record important laws and events.

21.)Hieroglyphics had not been used for 1500 years. 22.)Hieroglyphics had come back into existantance after 4, 000 years.

23.)Hieroglyphics were also used for decorating temples24.)The Rosetta stone was found by a french soldier 25.

)There were three different types of writing on the Rosetta stone there is Hieroglyphics, Ancient Greek writing and also Demontic writing. 26.)The Rosetta stone is 114.

4 cm high, 72. 3 cm wide, 27. 9 cm thick and it weighs about 1, 676 pounds27.) The Rosetta stone had tax records and who didn’t have to pay tax 28.) The word hieroglyphics is actually greek.

29.)Hiero means holy and glyphics means marks and writing. So hieroglyphics translates into holy writings. 30.) Hieroglyphics can be objects you can see in everyday life31.)You have to have an amazing memory to memorize every single hieroglyphic exactly how it’s supposed to look like. 31 facts~Rouia~-Mathematics*The egyptians were actually the creators of the mathematics that we mostly know today.*The invented a lot of main math standards that we still use today including but not limited to astronomy, geometry, the decimal system, etc.

*The ancient egyptians created geometry to help them while building pyramids and other large buildings that they built during this time. *As well as geometry, the ancient egyptians also created the decimal system along with the infamous numbers that we still use today and are a very large part of our modern day life*However, the numbers and numerals that they used in ancient egypt differ from the numerals and numbers that we currently use today. For example, they didn’t actually have numbers for number two to nine or zero. Instead, they put numbers in factors, such as one, ten, one hundred, and so on. In order to write the number, say, seven, you would have to write down seven number ones. It may be confusing, just imagine it as tally marks. *The ancient egyptians actually used and invented tally marks to count and as numbers in general! *Did you know that the egyptian number for one million was actually a picture of one of the egyptian with his hands up in the air?-Astronomy*-Calendar*As well as the creation of astronomy and mathematics, the ancient egyptians are also the people behind the creation of the calendar.

The calendar that they used looked slightly different from the ones that we currently use today, however the ones that we use today are heavily inspired by their old calendars.*The egyptian people used a solar calendar format and layout as a way to count and keep track of the days.*They used calendars to know when the Nile River would flood and used it as a form of way of knowing when the sun would be where when building buildings and structures.*They made the calendar by recording the yearly presence and reappearance of Sirius, also known as the Dog Star in the eastern sky. *Similar to our calendar, the ancient egyptians had three hundred sixty-five days on their calendars.

They had twelve months a year and thirty days in each month, which differs from our thirty or thirty-one month pattern, excluding February of course. *The ancient egyptians also had an additional five festival days at the end of each and every year. *Overtime, their calendars gradually became incorrect due to the additional fraction of the day that the ancient egyptians had forgotten. *Eventually, overtime, Ptolemy the third, a mathematician in ancient egypt, added one day to the three hundred and sixty-five day calendar that would occur every four or so years, making it three hundred sixty-six. This was actually the creation of the leap year.

-Clocks*As well as the calendar, the ancient egyptians also invented another way to tell time and count the days. That invention just so happened to be the clock. *They invented two types of clocks.*One of those two clocks were the obelisks.

The obelisks were a sun clock, that was used by noting and pointing out how a shadow moved around it’s surface throughout the day in ancient egypt. -Medicine*One of the many inventions that the ancient egyptian people created was medicine. The ancient egyptians created a wide variety of different types of medicines, some that we still use today. *A large selection adn portion of the medicines that the people of ancient egypt created were rather strange in our terms.

*Compared to the past, the modern day world uses a lot of different types of medicine that the ancient egyptians created all those years ago. However, they have greatly been improved on since those times. *The ancient egyptians were ones to experiment when creating the medicines that the used.

They only had the intention of attempting to heal other people so they had tested out different things, some working while others not. *An example of a type of healing medicine that they used back in ancient egypt was using honey and human brains to cure a certain selection of eye infections!*Another example of this is the fact that they actually used a whole cooked mouse to cure coughs. That is far different from what we use today to cure our allergies and coughs. *A large amount of the medicines that were used in ancient egypt had some sort of spell to ward off evil spirits and demons from making anyone sick again.*The ancient egyptians believed that people got sick because the gods were angry at them.-Shipbuilding*Because the Nile River played such a prominent role in the ancient egyptians life, they really needed a way to transport and navigate the river. They did a lot of things on the river, the most notable and noteworthy being the very prominent fact that the egyptian people traded along the Nile River with other cities.

*Without boats, the ancient egyptians could not sail and trade with other cities along the banks of the Nile and that was when the egyptian boats were put into place. *The Egyptian people’s boats were a very large part of the technology in ancient egypt. It affected our lives and boats as well, certain boats being designed after the old boats or certain boat designers taking inspiration from these old egyptian boats and implementing them in their new boats design. *Ancient egyptians built small boats out using papyrus reeds, something that the ancient egyptians had plenty of. *However, over time, they learned how to make larger boats.

Ancient egyptians built these larger boat using cedar wood that was imported from Lebanon via trading. -Toothpaste*Another invention that the ancient egyptians created was the invention of toothpaste. *Due to the fact that the bread that the ancient egyptians ate and farmed had so much sand and grit inside of it, the egyptian people had more than a few problems with their teeth. They needed a way to clean their teeth and so comes the invention of the toothbrush and toothpaste.*They used a wide variety of ingredients to make their toothpaste that are included but not limited to ashes, eggshells, and ground up ox hooves. *The is much different from what we use today to brush out teeth, as our toothpaste isn’t made out of ashes, eggshells and ground up ox hooves. We also didn’t use sticks as toothbrushes.

However, without the invention of the toothbrush and toothpaste we wouldn’t be able to brush our teeth!-Writing*The people of ancient egypt were actually the creators of black ink, making the old time writing substance out of a mix of vegetable gum, soot and bee wax.*Overtime, the ancient egyptians began to change and replace the soot in the ink with other materials such as ochre to change the color of the ink. *Along with the Mesopotamians, the ancient egyptians were actually one of the very first people to develop a spoken language as well as a written one. *Mostly all forms of writing or storytelling before that was in pictographs otherwise known simply as hand-drawn pictures. 36 facts~Munaya~ -Science- Science in Ancient Egypt.

A long time ago people didn’t think that science and math existed instead they thought that spirits caused everything. Ancient Egyptians had certain symbols for a base ten system of numbersEgyptians created multiplication by taking numbers and adding them together and division was created by doing the exact same thing in reverse. Ancient Egyptian found a way to measure time by splitting a day into twoThe idea of splitting 24 into 2 to make 12 might have come from the sumerian number arrangementAncient Egyptians had a certain system called Beqa is was two 6. 65 to 7.

45 cylinders that was used for measuring weight of crops and gems.

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