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Jury bias

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Jury Bias Task: Jury Bias In order for a case to receive fairness and justice, it is fundamental for a jury to be formed by the legal process. Therefore, this essay is going to discuss a step by step criminal jury trial in order to understand the law treats its cases (Burnett, 2003).
There are various steps in a criminal jury trial. First, it begins with the selection of a jury. In this case, the defense determines the whether the case fits either a jury or judge. However, under some jurisdictions, both the defense and the prosecution may demand the right for a jury trial. On that aspect, juries always comprise of 12 people especially in felony cases. However, there are states that permit a limited number of 6 people in juries when dealing with minor cases. It is also imperative to identify if there is a juror who harbors any individual interest either through bias or prejudice (Burns, 2006). Next is opening statements. This is whereby an outline of proof is presented by each side to the jury as trial proceeds. However, it is critical to note that opening statements are not the same as evidence but the expectations of the parties the evidence is supposed to prove. After that the trial moves to the presentation of testimony of witnesses or presentation of evidence. It is essential to observe here that the constitutional trial rights of each party are paramount under the guiding jurisdiction of the law. The first case to be presented is the prosecutions or plaintiffs.
On that account, during the testimony of the witness, a direct examination is conducted by the side that summoned the witness. This is followed by cross examination by the side that did not call the witness. It I here where there is presentation of physical evidence such as weapons or documents among others for identification (Burnett, 2003). Next is the closing arguments whereby there is summary of the entire evidence by the sitting attorneys. Alternatively, the attorneys also attempt to make persuasion in favor of their client to the jury. It is during this step where the attorneys strongly invoke the constitutional trial rights of their clients and my open or close the arguments. Thereafter, instructions are presented to jury in order for the judges to make sound deliberations (Burns, 2006). In other words, during this phase there is reading of instructions on the law that governs the presented case. The last step entails deliberation whereby the case is considered in order to reach a verdict. First, the jury elects a foreperson to oversee the discussions in order to be performed in sensible and uniform style. In case of a question from the part of the jurors, it may be written down for the delivery of a bailiff to the judge. Finally, there is the reading of the verdict by verdict then dismissal of the jurors by the judge.
In conclusion, it is crucial for the judiciary and the other organs that dispense justice to sensitize the citizens on how the law acts (Burnett, 2003). This would assist in reducing misconceptions and misinformation that are common among people who do not understand the law.
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Burns, R. (2006). The Criminal Justice System. New York, NY: Prentice Hall.

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