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Julius ceasar leader

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Great Leader A great leader is comprised of three single components: an ability to make a good appearance, an ability to speak well to a public gathering, and an excellent relationship with the people. Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar recounts the tale of two would be leaders. Julius Caesar was the emperor of Rome and had as his goal to become the king of the Roman State. Marcus Brutus was an admired man because of his noble nature; he only cared for the good of Rome. Caesar, even though he was undermined by those who mistakenly called his friends, was the better leader as compared to Brutus however he possessed the three leadership skills and qualities. Marcus Brutus was a physically fit man, who was looked up to by many Romans. He was a very noble man, who was mainly concerned with the integrity of Rome and Rome’s politics. Brutus was a very smart man who knew more than people gave him more credit than he deserved. When he was convinced by Cassius that Caesar had intentions to be the king of Rome, he was easily persuaded to join in the assassination attempt. . Brutus thought that if Caesar were to become king, he would ruin all of Rome. History says that Caesar was not the most handsome man in Rome, however he was by far the most powerful. He was excellent in giving speeches to the public. His speeches were inspiring to every one he spoke to, and very convincing to those who were not completely in his favor. Romans in general loved him, they offered him a crown three times in one day, and even though he wanted it, he refused it. Caesar he was able to make up for it with his outstanding speeches. Brutus’ speeches were not bad speeches, but Caesar was more compelling in his oratory. Both were respected by the general public in their own manners. Caesar was admired mainly by those who knew about his military accomplishments, and not his political power. Brutus was admired by those who knew the political situation with Caesar, and knew Caesar wanted too much power for himself. Caesar was not the nicest person in Rome. He was mainly concerned with only himself, he even insulted his wife by talking about her infertility in public. Caesar was too selfish and wanted power over Rome. He was greedy and rude to the senate, and tried to be the supreme ruler. He was too self-involved to notice that men were not liking the way he was ruling and treating them. This selfishness eventually led to his downfall. Brutus was a very easily persuaded man to help in the murder of Caesar. Brutus sometimes did not make the correct decisions because he did not clearly think out the possibilities of his actions. His fear on Caesar ruling over Rome scares him and makes him act in a fashion that he usually does not act in. Brutus let his emotions get in his way when he decide to join with the conspirators in their plot against Caesar. Both Brutus and Caesar were great public speakers, however Caesar was able to be more persuasive and convincing in his speeches than was Brutus. Brutus was admired by the politically smart people, and Caesar was liked by everyone who did not really know about the politics. Overall Caesar comprised more of these qualities than Brutus. Caesar was obviously the better leader because he had the best qualities. He was the better speaking power and the public loved him. Had Caesar not been assinated, Rome might have been overthrown by Caesar’s power, but that would have been a good thing for them because he would have made their society stronger and more powerful in the world. Caesar, even though he was by undermined his friends, was the better leader compared to Brutus because he possessed the three great leadership skills and qualities needed.

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