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Julius caesar betrayal

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Julius Caesar Betrayal William Shakespears play Julius Caesar deals with the problem power and betrayel. Throughout the whole play since the beginning there has been warnings of betrayel. In the beginning of the play a warning was stated to Caesar in the first act. The Soothsayer had warned Caesar ” Beware the Ides of March” (act I, scene II). When Caesar heard this warning he took it as it was not true and went about his business. Caesar dissreguarded this warning because he thought he had too much power and nothing bad could come to him.

Later on in the play, on the Ides of March, March 15th; Caesar was betrayed by all of the people he kept close to him, especially his best friend Brutes. When Caesar met up with all of the government officials, and the people he trusted most, he was betrayed by them all. Caesar was stabbed to death, the last person to stab him, was Brutes. With Caesars last breath he said ” Et tu, Brut?” (Act III, Scene I). I personally find this line one of the most effective ones in the play because you really get a sence of the betrayel.

It is as if Caesar cannot believe his eyes that his very best friend could do such a horrible thing such as to stab him.

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