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Journal-grief and loss

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As the week progressed, I could not help but think about the members of our society who are part of a diesnfranchised relationship. People such as gay couples, common law partners, represent some of the most common disenfrancised relationships. Then I began thinking about how these people grieve when their partner dies. Should they grieve less because their relationship is not sanctioned in the way that normal couples are? Should their relationship be considered irrelevant just because they do not have the benefit of a marriage contract? What makes them less of a griever than the next person?
In reality, I came to understand that there is no difference between the two grievers, what makes it different, is how people view the relationships and treat it differently from the way they would a franchised relationship. That said, it became important for me to try and explain to those around me about the relevance of disenfranchised relationships. Just as I came to realize that there needs to be equality in gender related issues, so should there be equality in the way people view these relationships. Equality in the grieving process is important because it allows a person to properly express his sadness and grief. Allowing him or her a healthy venue by which to release the pent up emotions. No death should be taken lightly. Therefore, no relationship between a deceased and still living partner should be frowned upon.
In the end, I came to realize that a relationship cannot be defined in ordinary terms, therefore, the grief that a person feels over the end of a relationship should be acknowledged and accepted, regardless of ones prejudice.

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