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Comparison between Poems Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen can be categorized as an anti-war poem. It is about the horrors and pities of war as expressed by the poetic talent that is Wilfred Owen. This poem gets considered effective because it employs skilful manipulation of the emotional and mechanical sections of poetry. The poem uses similes to showcase the pities of war through vivid comparisons and explicit use of words. The word like is common in this poem to link up the negativity in the similes. Wilfred uses extensive figurative speech and diction to show emphasis, especially on the damage and destruction that war causes. He also uses explicit imagery to show what the spoils of war are, and metaphors that are complimentary of his tone also feature.
The poem Tyger by William Blake gets considered a Romantic Period poem written during the French Revolution era. This poem lacks the rigid composition style and rules of previous poems and instead adopts a new style without form, style or subject borders. Tyger has exceptional rhyme, paired with repetition, alliteration and a rhyme scheme. These styles work harmoniously and create an incantation feeling in the poem. Symbolism is also evident especially in the description of Tyger.
Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses poem of the mid 19th century becomes characterized by extensive monologue, which the speaker uses to convey messages to the audience both in and out of the poem, in a realistic format. Through the monologue, the speaker’s character becomes evident. The lines in the poem are in an iambic pentameter with no rhyme pattern, giving it a natural speech feel, rather than a pre meditated performance. The ideas within the poem get entangled together as the thoughts do not necessarily end at the line break.
My Last Duchess by Robert Browning is also a monologue poem. The poem becomes entirely made up of rhyming couplets. Robert also employs alliteration in his work that works well with the rhyme scheme present. Imagery and allusion get used in the poem to depict the nature of the speaker. Symbolism and irony are also key components in the poem.
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