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Jim’s basic xhosa sayings (beginner)

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HelloMolo (MOW-LOW)Hello (plural)Molweni (MOLE-WAY-NEE) ONJIM’ S BASIC XHOSA SAYINGS (BEGINNER) SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowHow are you? Unjani? (OON-JAH-NEE)How are you? (plural)Ninjani? (NIN-JAH-NEE)I’m fineNdiphilile (NDEE-PEE-LEE-LAY)Thank youEnkosi (EN-KOH-SEE)SorryUxoloI don’t understandAndiqondiI understandNdiyaqondaI don’t knowAndiyazi (ON-DEE-YAH-ZEE)I knowNdiyazi (IN-DEE-YAH-ZEE)Why? Ngoba? (IN-GO-BAH)When? Nini? (NEE-NEE)How? Njani? (IN-JAH-NEE)Where? Phi? (PEE)Where is Jim? Uphi uJim? (OO-PEE OO-JIM)My name is JimIgama lam nguJimWhat is your name? Ngubani igama lakho? I come from AmericaNdisuka AmericaI work at MasinyusaneNdisebenza kwaMasinyusaneHow old are you? Uneminyaka emingaphi? I’m pleasedNdiyavuyaI’m pleased to see youNdiyavuya ukukubonaI’m pleased to meet youNdiyavuya ukukwaziYou must study hard! Kufuneka ufunde kakhulu! I believe in youNdikholelwa kuweYou will succeedUzophumelelaHave a good dayUbe nemini emnandiI want/need… NdifunawaterAmanzifoodUkutyahelpUncedoI’m happyNdonwabileI’m sadNdilusiziI’m hungryNdilambileI’m tiredNdidiniweWhat time is it? Ngubani ixesha? You are beautifulUmhleYou are smartUkrelekreleHands wash each other (we must help each other)Izandla zihlamba ezinyeBe quiet! Thula! Be quiet! (plural)Thulani! Listen! Mamela! Listen! (plural)Mamelani! Try! Zama! Try! (plural)Zamani! Read/Study! Funda! Read/Study! (plural)Fundani! Believe in yourself! Zithembe! Ask JimMbuze uJim

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