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beyond instagram The next wave of visual social networks I like stats I’m a Rabbit London EyeEm ambassador Three things you should know about me more about visual social media – 8mpx. co. uk 2005 2013 spot the difference “ The mobile is the most important technology in your life…. except possibly the respirator” Doug Grinspan (Say Media) SXSW 2013 let’s take a step back the rise of the smartphone Most EU5 mobile phones are now smartphones Making a phone call is only the 5th most popular activity on a phone Changing human development

Our gateway to the outside world The way we express ourselves smartphones are… five consequences of phones being our new ‘ canvass’ “ The top end camera we think this will survive – but the point and shoot lower end model will not survive in the future” Keitaro So, Fujifilm 1 – the point and shoot camera: going the way of the (print) newspaper, VHS, LP….. Digital camera shipments out of Japan dropped 42% last year, with entry level cameras particularly hard hit According to ICS Research, last year camera phones outsold standalone digital cameras 6: 1.

By 2016 the smartphone camera market will pass the digital camera market in value as well as volume most entry level cameras – smartphones 10% of all of humanity’s 3. 8 trillion images was taken in the past twelve months Every 2 minutes we take more photos than in the whole of the 1800s 2 – this has led to a photo explosion • 20% of the photos taken every day end up on Facebook http://is. gd/ H9kkan • 300 million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook http://is. gd/ 1vJ1il • In November 2011, 20% of (Facebook) news feed stories were photos, now its 50% – http://is. d/ YjlyUN 3 – that now means online, we communicate through pictures Posts on Facebook that include an album, picture or video increase engagement by 180%, 120% and 100% The most common factor when buying online? The photo (67%) ahead of the product info (63%) and ratings (53%) – http://is. gd/p0qMkl 4 – people respond to images over words 5 – photo sharing is now photo broadcasting, with its own social media Photo-sharing Short form video / gifs Story-telling and curation Longer form video why bother with anyone except Instagram? Think of Vimeo versus YouTube YouTube might have market share but many people prefer Vimeo for the community, the user experience, the quality of content • Different networks are better at story-telling, showcasing a narrative than Instagram • Often – other networks will work with you in promoting a concept, at far less ?? Do any of these have staying power? • A look at social media maturity: • Critical mass (not the same as the big number) • A sub-culture and a defined way of doing things (e. g. the #selfie for Instagram) • Their own influencers my short-list tadaa A (largely! selfie free zone Works as a standalone app, as well as a network Positioning itself very much on the premium end of photo-sharing Soon to create an iPad as well as iPhone app? tadaa EYE EM EYE EM • Part of the “ Silicon Allee” tech scene in Berlin • iOS, Android and Windows Mobile • Among the main photo networks, the biggest competitor to Instagram, but perhaps 1/25th of the size • Like Tadaa, sells itself on quality • Photos grouped into ‘ albums’ • Very willing to work with brands • Potential to work with a network of 100 ambassadors (including 3 in London), to organise photo-walks napguide snapguide • Visual ‘ how to’ guides (iOS) – the equivalent of the old school recipe cards you saw in supermarkets • Put together photos + text, also add video and audio • Every topic imaginable – food, style, interiors, sport, travel, photography, tech • A social network with the ability to ‘ like’ and ‘ comment’, but the potential reach is bigger as you can view the guides online, and also embed them via html code backspaces

Tell a story via pictures and text – weave together a series of photos and a narrative Has spread among core mobile photo enthusiasts via word of mouth, active Instagram influencers now use backspaces, and often cross-post to EyeEm and IG Mobile photo communities now stage contests on there backspaces be funky be funky • Both an app and a social network, aimed at a younger demographic • Like EyeEm makes the use of albums • 12 million app downloads so far has critical mass and a good user base lomography lomography An actual camera + an online community, celebrating the ‘ analogue lifestyle’ – includes a day when they shut o! their smartphiones • Bene” tting from a trend in the photo community away from Instagram “ ltration and realness • Active community of 700k Facebook fans, 700k on Tumblr • Community projects, for example a ‘ Lomo Wall’ in Washington had 3k photos flickr flickr • The original photo-sharing network • Used to be a staple by brands (create an account, host your corporate pics), but now often overlooked • Revamped earlier this year as part of Yahoo! aking image based content more of a priority (arguably Tumblr is part of the trend) • Has meet-ups, just like Instagram and EyeEm • Has groups, under any subject area imaginable • Like other IG-competitors, content is generally of a higher quality GOOGLE + google+ • At the moment, users spend (on average) less than seven minutes per month there compared to six hours on Facebook, but: “ Google is betting that if it can get your photos, it can eventually get your friends. (The Verge) • Follows acquisition of app Snapseed last year • Google+ now integrates photo storage, redesigned feed, data connects posts with similar images, auto enhancement • Active mobile photo communities @cloclath what should you do now 1 – adopt a picture first strategy • People communicate and share via photos. They respond to images. So why use heavy text based posts to make a brand point? • Text still has a role, but use engaging photos to draw people in • Consider blogging platforms such as Tumblr (or even Jux), which are highly visual • Encourage people to share – they will do so anyway – use hash-tags to provide prompts • People are going to post anyway, the first step to make sense of what they are saying and to channel the activity is the hash-tag • Not only Twitter, Vine, Instagram, becoming more common (Flickr) • Publish on your marketing material and on pre event social media • Use it with physical prompts • Make it easy to remember and short • Use an album name for EyeEm 3 – find out who the influencers are • Social photography, social video now have their own influencers.

They are often not one and the same as your A-list of bloggers • Find out who they are, start inviting them to events to take photos • Court them early – find out who is active on Vine. Right now, working with them will be low cost. That will change 4 – build it into customer services • We all work with people – people do stupid things sometimes. If someone in a customer facing role acts in a strange or erratic way, chances are it will be captured on photo / video • The flip-side of that, have a sensible mobile photo policy when it comes to members of the public.

A flat ‘ no’ to taking and sharing photos is unrealistic and counterproductive 5 – experiment! • The cost to entry is still low, now is a good time to try something new and to experiment • You still get PR value out of it, the cost of (say) doing something on Snapguide is not high. Many communities will still work with you in the value of the content, rather than money changing hands finally – the barrier to entry doesn’t have to be high and complicated My visual social media blog – http://www. 8mpx. co. uk thank you for listening!

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