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Investigatory projectconclusion essay

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Heat has been a part of our everyday life. As a matter of fact, some of us really gets irritated when experiencing such heat in our body due to uneven temperature.

Particularly these days, when we already suffering sudden temperature changing due to Global Warming. Digging more deeply, heat occurs not only in our body but also to the things around us. For example, a spoon left in a hot soup can be found too hot. Considering this example, have you thought what triggers heat to do such? The reason behind this is heat transfer.

This topic caught the researchers’ attention and it pushed them to do this study. These are the following objectives the researchers would like to achieve: 1. To know which objects are capable to experience heat transfer. 2.

To know how heat transfer occur. 3. To identify the relationship between the three forms of heat transfer. B. Statement of the Problem This study intends to know and answer the relationship between Radiation, Conduction, and Convection. This study also aimed to answer specifically the following: 1.

How the three forms of energy can relate to each other? 2. How the heat transfer occur? C. Significance of the Study This study determined the relationship between Radiation, Conduction, and Convection. The results helped us to get details applicable for heat transfer.

This is also a big help to those who want to get small details for deeper experimentations. This study will basically benefit the following: 1. Students – this study will help them when doing experimentations concerning the three forms of energy. 2. Educators – they may use the examples used in this experimentation as their example when conducting a discussion. 3.

Scientists – this will act as their reference when doing experiments. B. Hypothesis If objects of different temperature are placed near one another, then heat transfer will occur. D.

Scope and Limitation of the Study The researchers are the fourth year students of Master’s Vineyard Academy. The study was conducted at Blk. 16 Melon St. Samagta Floodway Taytay, Rizal, September 15, 2012, Saturday, 1: 00pm-2: 00pm.

The researchers chose this place because the researchers can focus there on their experiment and it is a good place to conduct experiments because of its ambiance. C. Conceptual Framework distance between the objects, state of matter, compositions of the object, weather. heat transfer different temperature Input Process Output III. Methodology A. Type of Research Used The study operated the experimental type of research.

The reason why it is an experimental type of research is because the researchers themselves must see how the heat transfer occur for them to gather data needed for the hypothesis to be proven. B. Variables Type of Variable Experimental Factor 1. Independent Variable Different temperature 2. Dependent Variable Heat transfer 3.

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