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Inventions & discoveries

Macro and Micro economics Inventions and Discoveries: Coca-Cola A) The origins of the advance, discovery, or invention Coca-Cola Company was established in 1886 and it has grown to become a leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketers of non-alcoholic beverages (Coca-Cola Company, 1). Moreover, they involve distribution of concentrates and syrups that are used for production of more than two hundred brands of beverages. This Company was stated in Atlanta, where their corporate headquarters are located; in fact, they have grown, thereby venturing into international markets and operating in more than two hundred countries in the around the world.
B) Its impact on the development of global human civilization (globalization)
Globalization facilitated by Coca-Cola Company is one of the significant phenomenons in society which is faced with different social aspects (Dreher, 1091). It has also been attributed to numerous facets of life putting an end to the differences on social, economical, political, and cultural relations. Coca-Cola Company has highly prioritized the global community throughout its operations, which is in accordance with social expectations. Therefore, the Company makes necessary arrangements regarding business processes in order to alleviate necessary risk, which may have adverse effects to the public in terms of health and safety (Coca-Cola Company, 64). Nevertheless, due to significance of this phenomenon in the life, globalization is considered to be a factor for development, which enhances integration and ensures that the benefits reaped are distributed to all persons across the globe.
One of the main phenomena to which societies are confronted and that has influenced all aspects of social life of people living in the earth is globalization, which is attributed to association to Coca-Cola Company. Globalization is a multifaceted phenomenon, which leads to disappearance of the borders between economic, social, cultural and political relations and shapes a modern relation and communication between nations (within countries and among countries (Dreher, Noel and Pim, 32). Given that Coca-Cola is a multinational company which employs people from different parts of the world and these employees are transferred to other counties based on the need for talents in various countries in which they operate. Therefore, this contributes to globalization based on culture, whereby people learn things from other counties and they also consume the same products from this company (Dreher, Noel and Pim, 32). Consequently, consumers have developed a high interest for the Company’s social, ethical, and environmental performance as a result of dynamic social-cultural and economic conditions and high awareness (Coca-Cola Company, 31).
On the other hand, the Company supports public activities through direct participation or sponsorship and this has made a significant contribution towards civilization. Besides, dialogue is enhanced through members of the society as a way of fostering understanding of public expectations (Coca-Cola Company, 64). In this case, the Company achieves its objectives through fulfillment of societal expectations and meeting legal regulations in the country and region of operations. They have also become role models of significant players in areas that are sustainable in development (Coca-Cola Company, 64). Nonetheless, the organization focuses on contributing the society through these efforts, since the social stakeholders are treated with fairness based on the prestige of their brand, truthfulness, and intelligibility.
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