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Internship report

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Internship Report It is important to acknowledge the roles that my internship program at Modern Jozze has impacted in my Finance career. Modern Jozze Company deals in General Contracting and Maintenance as well as cleaning services. The company has a total of seventy (70) workers. My internship program with this company started on 2nd March and ended on 15th March 2015. It involved working for 12 hours from Monday to Thursday. However, Fridays were associated with short working durations.
The internship program has made me gain valuable experience in the job sector. In the company, I was holding the position of jvs preparation and filing, payment request preparation, payroll and employee benefit, petty cash controlling as well as preparation of P&L preparation on monthly basis. In this, the company, under the supervision of Hashim Al Shuaili, ensured that I was fully trained in these areas. This made me gain tremendous experience needed in the employment sector.
Other than the experience, I also made several networks in the company. I was introduced to several departments and made several contacts with different personnel. This is an important leverage when it comes to job seeking. This has ensured that I have an edge in the job market.
In addition to the above, the internship with the Modern Jozze Company made me apply classroom knowledge in the positions I was assigned. This ensured that I applied the skills gained in classroom into a real world setting. This was very important in proving my worth in the positions that I was assigned.
The internship has made me develop professional behavioral and social skills. This is due to increased interactions with different individuals as well as customers. As such, I have been able to get a head start on classroom learning through working as an intern at Modern Jozze Company.

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