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Information technology

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First Last Dr. TeacherFirst TeacherLast 28 February Computer Utility Utility: CCleaner. Type: System and registry diagnostics and cleanup. Description: CCleaner enhances system performance by identifying unnecessary files and cleaning them from the system after getting a confirmation from the user. The user gets a choice of which files to keep and which to remove. The diagnostics and removal are done at several levels. Firstly, it removes all the remaining unused files from installed software, empties the recycle bin, removes system temporary files, memory dumps, and various log files. Apart from Windows, temporary files are detected and cleaned for most of popularly used software like Office, various media players, downloading utilities, and others. It also checks and cleans the history and temporary internet files left by browsers. For advanced users, CCleaner also offers a comprehensive registry cleaner. Finally, a tool is available within the utility to permanently delete files without trace which is useful for a security conscious user. Tools also exist to check enable or disable programs that run at system startup. System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP (“ CCleaner specs”). For networks, server support is for Windows 2008 RC2, 2008 and 2003 (“ CCleaner Network Edition”). Other information is not available. How easy is the program to use?: The program has a very intuitive interface and very simple to use. Pressing a single “ Analyze” button does a complete diagnosis of the system and pressing a single “ Run Cleaner” button cleans it. Areas to check within the system can be selected by simple check boxes. It is however advised that the registry cleaner option is used by knowledgeable users only. Cost: The single user version of the software is free. For use on a network, the prices start from $199 for 10 users to $3200 for 500 users. Worth the price?: For a free software, the question might be rephrased to “ is it worth to download and use?”. In my opinion it most certainly is. The program does what it says and does it well. Additionally, the utility is very small and installs easily. There are no annoying advertisements or spyware. Would you purchase the utility? Why?: Based on the single user version’s utility, it will be worthwhile for network users to invest in this software. In addition, it can be deployed across the network from a single place with ease, security and reliability (“ CCleaner Network Edition”). The price per computer is low to begin with and successively reduces as the number of computers increase. Summing up: Remove unnecessary files and registry entries and enhance system performance. Works Cited ” CCleaner Network Edition.” www. piriform. com. Piriform, 2011. Web. 27 Feb 2011. < http://www. piriform. com/business/ccleaner-network-edition>. ” CCleaner specs.” Cnet. download. com. Cnet. com, 24 Feb. 2011. Web. 27 Feb 2011. .

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