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making big decisions Clinical and Nursing Services have greatly benefited from the use of computers . As technological progress takes place it promises to revolutionize healthcare completely . It will provide quicker and direct solutions to patient care . For e .

g . it will shorten the time period of documentation and access to data of patient . The implementation of light pens , touch screens , handwriting , voice recognition applications and bar codes , in hospitals will make using computers easier for nursesComputers can also help in planning nursing care which will include the patients health history , adminstered medicines , dosage therapy and precribed diet . Pateints will be provided the best care with the introduction of a computerized nurse care plan . The use of computers can help in interpretatation and the monitoring of various Physiological Variables . The Cardic rate , B .

P and T . P . R of the patient can be assessed from computer assistance . Computers can also calculate the correct drug dosage according to the patient ‘ s age , weight and his body surface area Another benfit is that computers can help in forecasting the number of nurses needed at a particlar time or date . Their nursing schedules can be made keeping in mind their patient load , numbers of operations performed , location , availability and acuteness .

Lastly , computers store and record data about admissions , materials , personnel , inventories billing , payroll , insurance and discharges as wellIn my opinion computers make things easier overall for the nursing profession . It greatly reduces human errors , manual work and documentation . In this way they spare time for more eveideence based professional , knowledge-driven and personalized patient care . As a nurse I wiill be able to help save more lives by the knowledge and understanding of Nursing Informatics

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