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Industrial revolution assignment

The Industrial Revolution led to new ways of organizing human labor, more enterprises, growth of energy and power, faster forms of transportation, higher productivity and more (Cole et al. 451). The first revolution began in the north of Britain in 1 760 and ended in 1850. The Industrial Revolution began in Britain, because its agriculture was more commercialese than nap. Veer else, because of its empire, trade networks and transportations of rivers and canals (Cole et al. 452). Because the first Industrial Revolution made such a huge impact, there was a second one as well.

The Second Industrial Revolution was based off of innovation in steel, electricity, and chemicals in Germany (Cole et al. 48). It began in 1870 and ended in 1914. This revolution was a larger phased that occurred during World War l, and it had a lot of different advances as well. The first Industrial Revolution began with a technological leap which was cotton textiles (Cole et al. 453). There were many inventions that came along that helped the process of cotton. The spinning jenny that was invented by James Harvests, could produce up to six to twenty-four times more yarn than a hand spinner could (Cole et al. 53). There was also a spinning mule that could produce than more yarn than a spinner. The cotton gin invented by Eli Whitney could separate the cotton seeds from the fiber; therefore it could speed up the process and also reduced the price (Cole et al. 453). These machines were placed by water that could be used to power them, and eventually there were more mills being built where they could be used by steam (Cole et al. 453). There were a lot of cotton textiles on the world market that came from this.

Interchangeable parts included the gun-making and the standardized patterns of a gun by Honoree Labeled (Identical). Not only did Eli Whitney produce the cotton gin, but he also produces 1 0, 000 guns within two years (Identical). Coal and iron were used as heating sources, and also used for railroads. Railroads were created for people to travel long distances. The second Industrial Revolution had a lot of different advances that ranged from steel to communication and also medicine. Germany was the top of chemical advances that included the increase demand of dyes, fabrics and soap (Identical).

The medicine during this time was bad. They needed better healthcare because there were more dangers in the workplace caused from people hurting themselves and also by small pox and cholera (Identical). If someone didn’t take a shower or wash themselves good, they loud get miasma, which was a bad odor that causes diseases (Identical). The advances they made were building hospitals so people could go to, Pharmaceuticals such as aspirins and et cetera so it could help ease the pain for the people who were hurt (Identical).

They could be hurt by the new explosives that were being made to any of the diseases that they could possibly get. Automobiles also became a huge technological advance, because they had internal combustion engines that would start off as a one cylinder and then could go to a 4 cylinder. Diesel engines came along and new markets such as rubber for tires and gasoline. The development of electricity brought the idea of telegraphs where you could send messages mainly by Morris code and/or power (Identical). Edition’s bulb was also developed, but it was costly.

The alternating current was the easy use of electricity at a good cost. The skill of communication advanced by undersea cables that transported messages far distances, the telephone that was invented by Alexander Gram-Bell where there was voice over wires, and also by radios which started with short distances. The biggest and important advances that came about during the second Industrial Revolution were economy and ions. Corporations in the economy were funded by the wealthy in which it replaced gills, and sold stock to investors. Identical). There was limited liability so that people could own their own private boards. There were unions also being formed and workers could get replaced in the blink of an eye, which also brought along strikes. All of the classes were impacted, but the second Industrial Revolution had a huge effect on the working-class families, women and the middle class. Women had to rely on men for money, because they stayed home and took care of it and their children while the men worked.

The working-class families had to have a way to support each other, and sometimes children even started working to earn some income for the family. The middle class were wealthy from the Industrial Revolution because they invested well and also prospered (Identical). The lower middle class, who were not working every day, they became a solid middle class by education (Identical). The first and Second Industrial Revolution was very significant to European Civilization in many different ways. It brought about many technological, social, and cultural advances to everyone with the tremendous amount of production increase.

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