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Individualism vs. collectivism

Individualism vs. Collectivism G. Edward Griffin, on the book he wrote, declared that the world only revolved around two socio-political points of view, though trying to achieve one goal of a utopian society, differs greatly as to the method or approach to such a utopia. He identified these two conflicting points of view as Individualism and Collectivism. Individualism sees that the individual has inherent rights granted to it in that the function of the state is not to maximize itself and assert control on the populace, but rather defend the basic rights that John Locke indentified: Life, Liberty, and Property. Individuals, being the tangible units of the society, are the end of all government policies in that the government will provide equality under the law, regardless of minority or incapability. This brings the concept of minimal governance and laissez faire. Individualists stresses on Personal Freedom to achieve a perfect society. On the other hand, Collectivism focuses on the concept of group supremacy or of majority rule. The ultimate goal of collectivism is to reinforce group values and solidarity by creating laws that enables the minorities or the marginalized sectors of the community equal chances of living life the same as the majority of the group. The group, a collective of individuals having the same culture, is the end goal of all government policies. Often times, the government achieves this goal by implementing goals that reinforces and strengthens group solidarity by carrying out culture and mores on the laws. Collectivists focus on Social Justice and Equality to achieve a utopia. The book and the commentaries thereof, displayed a bias towards Individualism and erroneously pointed those governments that are collectivist in nature leads to totalitarianism. This is not entirely the case; only when personal interest merges with public office can corruption and a corrupted government system emerge. Being that as it may, both are still equally competitive and logical in trying to approach the question of effective governance. References Information Liberation. G. Edward Griffin – Individualism vs Collectivism! 19 January 2010. 16 April 2011 . Kentucky, University of. ” Public Economics – Chapter 1.” Gatton College of Business Economics. 16 April 2011 . ST0PandL00K. ” DVD Version INTRO Individualism vs Collectivism.” 15 February 2009. YouTube. 16 April 2011 . —. ” DVD Version P1 The Nature and Origin of Human Rights.” 15 February 2009. YouTube. 16 April 2011 . —. ” DVD Version P2 Group Supremacy.” 15 February 2009. YouTube. 16 April 2011 . —. ” DVD Version P3 Coercion vs Freedom.” 15 February 2009. YouTube. 16 April 2011 . —. ” DVD Version P4 Equality and Inequality under Law.” 15 February 2009. YouTube. 16 April 2011 . —. ” STOPandLOOK Productions – Role of Government (Mirror).” 22 January 2010. YouTube. 16 April 2011 . Spanglish: The New Spanish and English Ian Stavans, a professor whose field of expertise is on Latin American Studies and Latino Culture, has exposed a new language springing out on the American continent. Spanglish, a cross-breed of the English and the Spanish languages, has been claimed by Stavans as the new means of communication in America. Scholars and critics received Stavans’ book and the whole idea of Spanglish as entirely absurd. Language is the prime bringer of culture. Culture is transferred from the older generation to the younger ones by means of language. “ I believe that language serves many purposes, but most importantly it serves to inform you of the essence of your being” (Dana). Language would always remind us of who we are, whether we are Americans, English, Mexicans, Indians, Thais, etc. Keeping the native tongue as it is, trying not to let any foreign language take over and distort it, continually and subtly reminds each individual that they belong to a big family of one culture, one national identity. The rise of Spanglish, though it promotes diffusion of cultural elements from the English Americans to the Latin Americans, distorts the very essence of Mexican language, or any other language based on Spanish heritage, and ultimately, the nation it stands for. Americans will more or less not be able to feel such an effect, as the United States, as it is today, is a pluralist society with citizens coming from all around the world, be it Oceania, Asians, Caucasians, Europeans, Africans, Latinos, etc. The spread of Spanglish on the southern continent of the New World will one way or another distort what it is to be a Latin American, an identity so unique and so rich in culture. Spanglish, possibly one of the newest languages added to the long list of world languages, would be nationally detrimental to the Latin American culture and lifestyle. It poses the distortion of the Spanish languages on Mexico, Central and Southern America, and ultimately, the culture they pass on to their younger generations. References Dana, Simphiwe. Times Live. 31 October 2010. 16 April 2011 . NPR Social Media. Spanglish, a New American Language. 23 September 2003. 16 April 2011 .

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