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Importance of human rights watch group

Principles of Management: Elements of Control
The Human Rights Watch group is an example of real life team which has been seen to be quite effective in rallying for human rights of people across the globe. The team achieves this through directing international attention to the plight of the people whose rights are violated. The main aim of this group is to ensure that the oppressed get an avenue to voice their concerns and the oppressors are held responsible for their actions. The mission of the team is to safeguard the rights of people around the world, uphold their political freedom, safeguard people from inhuman treatment during wars and ensure and that perpetrators of crime against humanity are brought to justice (Human Rights Watch 2013). This article analyzes why this team has been effective and what managers can learn from the human rights watch group.
The organization with it headquarters in New York has branches in different countries around the globe. It has employed experts from different fields such as journalism, law and others who work in ensuring that rights of people are upheld. The different experts add their skills as team players and this ensures success in the programs that the organization develops. Because of the unity of purpose of members of the team despite being from different countries, the organization is able to achieve major developments in safeguarding people’s rights. The organization relies on finances donated by people. It has so far developed effective programs that fight violation of rights such as children rights as it fight against child labor. It has also sought to fight for the rights of minority groups such as gay rights, rights of people living with HIV/ AIDS and women rights. Because the organization fights against rights violations, it has had opposition from different government. Nevertheless, the activities of the human right watch has been very instrumental in development of policies that ensure people enjoy their freedom and human rights (Human Rights Watch 2009). The group has contributed greatly to the elimination of capital punishment around the globe.
What managers can learn from this team is that cohesion and unity of purpose is important ensuring the success of a team. Although a company may have different goals that it needs to achieve, it should group them and prioritize the most important one. The Human Rights Watch has divided its activities into different programs. This division ensures that focus is directed to one activity and this avoids confusions and improves efficiency. Moreover, it is crucial for a business to employ experts in different field as a way of increasing efficiency. The Human Rights Watch can owe its success form having a pool of experts from different field that offer the best advice (Human Rights Watch 2001). The manger may be an expert in financial management but may have no clue in legal matters. It is thus prudent to seek the services of a legal expert in ensuring that a business is run within the constraints of the law. Failure to do this would result in a business having issue with the law that may results in the organization paying huge fines which is not good for business. This also applies to any other area of expertise.
From the discussion above, it can be seen that there are a lot that businesses can borrow from the Human Rights Watch considering that it is made up of a large team of workers from different countries. It has been noted that directing energies to a single goal is important in ensuring success and promoting team work.
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