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Importance and impact of communication

Communication in Management Aspect of Healthcare An Exemplary standard of healthcare has been one of the defining features of the twentieth century. The increased commercialization of medical services has brought about revolutionary changes in professionalism, quality and content of health care services. As in all industries, the existence of a viable communication channel between the personnel and the administration is vital to the survival of the health care industry. Given the huge moral and professional responsibilities borne by them, it is easy to forget that medical service personnel are also in need of forums for personal expression, growth and professional advancements. The management is more often caught in improving the quality of healthcare provided and the recruitment and scheduling of staff to invest in the optimal resource utilization of the existing staff.
In its annual survey of top issues confronting hospital CEOs, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) identified communication between the medical staff and the management as the third most important issue of concern in 2007. It is interesting to note that physician – hospital relations held the second spot in the previous year but has since been overtaken by concerns over medical insurance.
Creating win-win collaborations
Payment of Physicians
Competition with physician-owned facilities or equipment
Medical staff structures/leadership
Niche providers
The above table gives the percentage wise importance assigned to various specific issues within the general personnel – management communication spectrum that required attention. The issues can in most cases be extended to include other members of the healthcare systems. The staff in most hospitals represent a vast talent pool but they are never expected to undertake any activity that is beyond their assigned roles. Recently, efforts have been undertaken by many institutions to develop leadership abilities in their employees. While best practices in strategic diversity leadership and cultural competence in patient care have been identified through evidence-based research, the linkages between best practices and organizational and patient outcomes have not. This knowledge gap is consequential not only because of changing demographics, but because of the unique diversity imperatives in healthcare: the under-representation of women and minorities in leadership and professional positions; persistent racial disparities in health and healthcare; and overall quality issues that increase the cost of healthcare and risk patients lives.
To summarize, there exists a growing need for the management to be more supportive and understanding to the personal requirements of the personnel and to assist them in their professional growth. It has been found that institutions where senior management members actively take part in the recruitment, training and development activities of the staff display better overall growth and wellness statistics than other organizations. Healthcare facilities need to incorporate regular interaction sessions between their staff and the administration in addition to ensuring a proper channel for dedicated staff to progress along the channels of academic and professional success. High-quality, relevant, and accountable health management leadership has to provided to meet the needs of 21st century healthcare.
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