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Imperialism dbq assignment

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United States should spread its good fortune to other states such as the Philip pines, Cuba and Puerco Rice. They believed Imperialism was a good thing for the United States , while others such as Williams Jennings Bryan and Mark Twain condemned imperialism. The eye believed it violated American Ideals and it did not fit with the national Identity. Advocates argued that the United States served to civilize others, like an international Policeman, while o posers argued that the United States should focus more on domestic problems and maintain traditional Identity. Imperialism became a problem during the Shakespearian war.

Im essence, the war really did not need American Intervention. Yellow journalism and the suppose d attacks on the US ship are what led to Intervention. As soon as Americans intervened, quests ones about the new territories rose. Some Americans wanted to fight the war to being radical chaw Eng back home. In particular, African Americans supported the war because they believed it woo old bring civil rights. (Document 2) If they fought along side white soldiers and risked their Ii eves for their country, they thought they would be seen as equals. This is what E. E. Cooper argued when advocating for war.

Others advocated for war because they believed develop Eng nations could prosper with American help. Theodore Roosevelt, an aggressive imperialist, cry digitized anyone who opposed the annexation of the Philippines. ( Document 5 ) Before become inning president, he advocated for the United States to ” parent” over the Philippines. When he be came president, he treated America as the International police and advocated for his “ big stick” p logic. This led to strengthening of the Monroe doctrine. Not everyone was supportive of this. R been Adair, a Latin American poet, wrote a poem targeting Roosevelt and condemning his big stick k policy. Jose

Marti, another Latin American writer, wrote about Latin America coming Togo thereto stand against the united States. Both of these become no concern for Roosevelt. Roosevelt was not the only president advocating imperialism. William McKinley y did as well. He was the president who ultimately got the Philippines. He firmly believe De that America could help the Filipinos become civilized. (Document 3). As time passed, the U united States gained control of other areas such as Cuba and Puerco Rice. The need for the SE colonies was advocated by Alfred Amman. He believed that a Navy was necessary and colon sees were necessary to preserve the Navy.

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