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Impact of suicide and treatment

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Suicide can be such a very touching subject. As a lot of suicide occurs around the world, it’s become a huge matter, and of course an impact to a whole lot of communities to prevent suicide. Even so, hotlines were made to save those who are in the position for self-harm, or even to speak about it. As the time continues, and more stories, and events of adults, teens, and children are in position of self-harm, and having suicide thoughts, there are always ways to reach out for help. As in overall, suicide in this time frame is a huge topic, and very important. Not only does suicide mean self-harm to yourself, there are a lot of different types of suicide ways that people come up with. Not only does suicide affect adults, and teens. It has lately had a huge impact in marines, who come home, and are diagnosed with PTSD. Which is known as “ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Much stories, and news were released on how the rate of PTSD was increasing in U. S. troops. Another type of suicide that many have heard of is known to be as a Suicide Bombing. Where many young children in other countries are forced to commit a suicide bombing to kill several others. Overall, it’s how much the topic, and background of suicide has grown throughout the years.

Suicide is not much touched more on the specific meaning of what really, and what symptoms an individual may start having that leads to having suicide thoughts. Some may know suicide as a simple way to end your life, but suicide can occur in many other ways that an individual may not even recognize. But, suicide is a way to simply just end your life. Can also be a strategy that people tend to use to escape pain, and suffering that they are going through. There are then the ways of people saying how an individual dies from suicide. When someone ends their own life, we tend to say they “ died by suicide”. Then, there is the other form of saying it, and another suicide strategy those try to attempt which is then known as a “ Suicide Attempt” where so, a person attempts to end their life but simply did not. (What is Suicide?)

With suicide, there is always a start, and notices in the beginning leading to someone to begin towards suicide thoughts. In example, recently in the huge movie business, they lost a great actor known as Robin Williams. At first, no one seemed to have noticed what really caused his death, or what occurred. Many began to think that Robin passed away with just a normal death, in the end, the news, and many other actors that were alongside him have thoroughly announced that Williams committed suicide. According to the article posted by Hollywood Reporter, writer, Soo Youn, (Youn, S.) was able to give the public a bit of details leading, and causing the death of Robin Williams. Which mainly was him committing Suicide. The autopsy of Robin Williams revealed that his death was caused by asphyxia, and hanging. Which is usually another main strategy to is used to commit suicide, with overdosing being another main reason as well. On August 11, of 2014. Williams committed suicide at the age of 63 in his home in Tiburon, California. Reports were also revealing that there were some antidepressants, caffeine, levodopa, which is a drug, that is very well known for treating Parkinson’s disease which Williams had, were all found in his system. It was also very common revealed that Williams was fighting severe depression for many years. In the end, Williams was found in an empty bedroom, hanging where he was declared dead at 12: 02pm. ( Robin Williams: Autopsy confirms death by Suicide )

With revealed true stories of suicide, it goes to show, and provides examples on how much of a big deal it is to notice when one is going through depression, which leads to suicide thoughts. IT tends to start when someone is diagnosed with severe depression. With some, and not many others reveal, and share that they are known to be depressed, can lead to several bad intentions later in their life. In fact, others in their lives tend to hide depression with humor. For example, it’s what Rob Williams did. Overall, revealing that suicide depression is a sure thing that is rarely spoken of. Depression can be a very high and low stage that can lead to suicide.

After all, and foremost, usual things tend to begin with depression. Which is a real common, and serious medical illness that can lead you to feeling well negative about yourself, how you feel, and how you act. Which can also lead to a great amount of sadness, and loss of interest in activities with things, and yourself. According to statistics, and article fromPsychiatry, studies, and research have shown that an estimated 1 in 15 adults (6. 7%) are affected with depression, and some who will experience real depression sometime in their life as well. But not only that, studies reveal the truth, and facts on what real depression can be like. For example, depression is different from sadness, and grief. As depression is a much stronger difference than just being “ sad”.   ( What is Depression?)

Among further studies, major depression is then onto a path to affect adults, leading to huge factors of suicide. From facts, and studies, major depression can sometimes lead adults, and young adults to begin having thoughts on suicide. For major depression, it is the most common mental disorder in the United States. Which mainly should be treated immediately before anything severe tends to happen before it’s too late. (National Institute of Mental Health.)

From a small article, and document, understanding the thinking of suicide is just as important as depression, and suicidal depression. If one thinks about suicide, it should be dealt with immediately, period. Mainly, if then one is afraid to share their thoughts about suicide, they should not be embarrassed. With a strong quote, “ Suicidal thoughts are temporary, suicide is permanent.” Was the main introduction to and lead to the article. From information, facts, and research provided, suicide isn’t much talked about if it’s the person who is experiencing it. Others tend to not speak on suicide because of many reasons, such as they lost a loved one due to committing suicide, or not even have the intention to speak on suicide. But from the article, suicide is needed to be talked about, and can help those prevent it. Simply, treating suicide is a thing, and exists. As in the article states how some don’t believe in how suicide can be treated, which simply should be treated right away before it’s extended to a bad result. Some of the signs of suicide can be real strong, such as unbearable feelings, rehearsing suicide, drug or alcohol abuse. Overall, with the signs of suicide, not only is suicide just hanging yourself, but as to show, there are other ways one can commit suicide. In this generation, suicide thoughts from one are simply kept to themselves, which is not a way towards the health of one’s self. Overall, there is a solution to suicide, and can be treated quite well, if one chooses to cooperate. From all the information, and understanding of suicide, and ways to prevent, were provided from just one article. As in out there, are several other resources for one to reach out for help on suicide. ( Understanding Suicide Thinking .)

From information, and talks on suicide, a recent suicide occurred in the community of South Omaha where I currently reside. Laura Magana, a third-grade teacher at SpringLake Elementary, was found in her garage by her husband. With the cause of death being suicide, it goes back to refer to how some hide their depression, and suicide thinking, and aren’t spoken of that leads to a bad way of suicide, and her case, was profoundly very true. According to the Omaha World heard, (Erin Duffy) was the writer of the recent article on the history, and the sad news of Laura’s death. The article simply stated the facts, and achievements she was accomplishing in her classroom, along with her students. As well the accomplishments she completed in life, that took her to where she was wanting to be, an education teacher. But one thing, the article simply didn’t state much of her death. Her cause of death was spoken upon as I am part, and know a lot of colleagues from the South Omaha community, revealed her death was suicide. (2016.) Laura Magana, 24, died in her home, due to suicide and her death, impacted the entire South Omaha Community, and to this day, a Scholarship was offered to students, that simply is known as The Laura Magana Scholarship. Much love, sympathy, and condolences were sent to her family, and loved ones from South Omaha. ( Spring Lake staff informs students, families of third-grade teacher’s death.)

In conclusion, I chose to write about suicide because I believe it’s a subject that isn’t very well spoken of.   With coming from depression, and in my early life, attempts of suicide that was not very well noticed, but through time treated, it’s a good feeling to know, and speak upon it with others. Not many people out there in life like to speak about suicide, due to embarrassment, or worry. It’s alongside a strong topic to speak about, and get to a well known conclusion to treat suicide. Alongside suicide, depression can be a major beginning to lead to suicide thoughts, and attempts. From researching, and providing information, there was much about suicide, and depression that I didn’t know about, but well learned from it now. Suicide is a strong, and important topic, and can be treated, and prevented.

Suicide is always around, and can impact many adults, and young adults as the years pass by. But with the recent help, and organizations to help those in need, rates, and statistics of suicide can begin to lower, simply to help those in need. No one in life should simply go through the pain of losing a loved one through suicide, or even experiencing it. From all the research, articles, and information of this specific topic, suicide in the end is not the correct answer to solutions. There is always help that is provided out there in the world, simply, one should use their voice upon speaking of their difficulty to be saved, and be lead to a better life.

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