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Illegal immigration and crime

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This is the location where crime and illegal immigration are most likely to intertwine. Accordingly, this is where the study would ideally be centered.
In any experiment, it is desirable to partake in some form of random (probability) sampling. In this case, every member of the target population would have an equal chance of being a participant in the study. In order for this study to be truly random, then all persons living along a dangerous border crossing area would have the chance to be in the experiment. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to many restraints (time, money, etc.) and so we are forced to settle for a form of non-probability sampling. Specifically, we will be using convenience sampling, which means we will study the people who are easiest to study along the border area. This is necessary due to the potential hostility in the area, as well as travel restraints. This is certainly a limitation of the experiment, as it makes it much harder to apply the results to the entirety of the target population.
It should be noted that the expected link between illegal immigration and crime might not be a simple direct relationship. One recent study identifies the overbearing crackdown on illegal immigration as a cause of more crime by making criminals stay in the areas longer (Hammond, 2011).

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