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In all over the world, especially those developed, childobesitybecomes a serious issue and most of the parents just find it insurmountable. In fact, causes of child obesity are traceable. First, is the habit of eating junkfood. We can easily reach a McDonalds or KFC on the street in the developed world like U. S. and be exposed to Coca Cola and Pepsi’s advertisements. Children always want something taste good regardless of their nutrition nor fats.

Parents usually ask their children to have fewer cans of coke while keep buying a dozen of cans home. Unless the parents play a more active role to help change their children’s eating habit. Otherwise, obesity seems to be an unending problem. Secondly, a lack of physical exercise does matter. Children in developed world are generally wealthier. Most of the time they may be busy in playing play station and sitting down all day. The only exercise that they do are walk to the fringe to get a can of coke or to the toilet.

They rarely go out for a walk. Although there is PE lesson in school, children have it only once a week, which is far to effective. The raise of internet also leads to the above problem, as quite a lot of children have been addicted to some social network or Apps on mobile. The effects come along the obesity hurt not only the physicalhealthbut also the mental health of the obese child. Obesity can lead to heart related diseases. Once the children get overweight, they can hardly do any exercise because their bulky body.

When they grow older, they may start suffering from low self-esteem since they care more about their own appearance and their weight may become a joke. This worsen the obesity problem as some of them may not want to get out of the house any more. It is understandable that children are of less self-control. So to cure obesity, parents, teachers and government ought to share the responsibilities. Parents should take the initiative to stop their child from having too much junk food. Teachers can tell the students what are junk food’ s cons while the schools should provide healthier lunch.

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The government can put a limit on the amount of soft drinks and junk foodadvertisementas well as promote the pros of having regular exercises, building more facilities for public to enjoy doing exercises. To conclude, child obesity in developed world is not uncommon, the main reason is people become lazier when the society andtechnologybecome advanced. Both of parents, teachers and government have to by all means help the children to build up a good eating habit since they are the future of the society and health is the most valuable thing to them.

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