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Identity response

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| Sexual Identity Response| University of Phoenix| | | Human sexuality has a more depth meaning than just the word sex. The origin of the word comes from Latin roots meaning ??? to cut or divide??? signifying the division of organism into male and female genders [ (Spencer A. Rathus, 2005) ].

Human Sexuality is our tendencies and behavior within regards to any activity that can cause sexual arousal. Everyone??™s sexuality differs influenced by genetics, society, and each of our own upbringings. What is normal to person or society may not be normal to the other. Sexuality covers sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual practices. Our human sexuality expresses the erotic awareness of ourselves as either male or female. We know more about human sexuality that what are parent or grandparents knew at our age [ (Spencer A.

Rathus, 2005) ]. Even though experience is usually they method of learning, experience does not teach or educate us on sexual transmitted diseases, risks of pregnancy, or how our biology of sexual response and orgasm work. Sexuality is more open to society verses 20 years ago.

Our sexual identity begins at birth and evolves as we grow. Several factors can contribute or influence one??™s sexual identity. Environment, upbringing, value systems, relationships, gender identity and of course LOVE. Our society embraces a variety of sexual attitudes and values. Some individuals are liberal or conservative and that plays a role in their sexual decisions. Values are qualities in life that are important or unimportant and we consider right and wrong, desirable or undesirable. The choices we make are intertwined with our sexual experience.

Many may assume sex has a natural way of functioning however; we express it by an array of decisions. Value systems give us a framework of morality of sexual options and how we determine sexual decisions. The value system includes legalism, situational ethics, hedonism, asceticism, utilitarianism, and rationalism (Spencer A. Rathus, 2005).

Legalism is based on ethical behavior derived from the moral code of law. For example the bibles, many prohibit adultery, incest, or same sex activity. Some even prohibited sexual intercourse while on menstruation. Others may have a more liberal stance and perceive what is prohibited to one may be abnormal or wrong to another. Situational Ethics is making a decision guided by genuine love. For example Catholics are taught that abortion is not an option. However a woman might change her decision by thinking of not being able to provide for another child and having limited resources.

Her situation or decision is being influenced to favor in abortion verses her upbringing. Ethical Relativism makes exceptions according to their current human existence and feelings are. For example, one individual may perceive premarital sex unacceptable, but being in love makes it acceptable to another. Hedonism is guided by pleasure and what satisfies our sexual ??? hunger??? or ??? thirst???. Asceticism is denial of sexual material or desires. For example priests and nuns are devoted to spiritual pursuits and denied sexual pleasures.

Utilitarianism principles not guided by religion. The utilitarian characterizes behavior as ethical when it does the greatest good and causes the least harm. For example premarital causes harm of having children out of wedlock because if they believe it??™s harmful for the nation to conduct such behavior or feel it may be jeopardize by such actions, then guidelines are emplaced.

Rationalism believes decisions are based on reasoning and intellect verses emotions or strict faith rules. The value system gives a framework or moral reasoning and ways to have moral judgment of sexual behavior. I have tendencies of rationalism, I was brought up with catholic views, however over the years and as I grew of age my perceptions of sexuality changed from what my parents perceive normal. I have faith and live a humble happy loyal life. However, I was in love and had premarital intimacy prior to matrimony.

I do not engage in promiscuous behavior and my partner and I have a loving committed relationship. Marriage is a vow we want to commit and stay committed to, so when we do wed which is planned for next year in June. We wanted to be sure we knew each other, knew what we wanted, and are able to manage life curveballs. We have been together for 10 years and we are ready to commit and reach that milestone in our lives. We have been raising a family out of wedlock and I think we are setting good example for our kids because the value of respect and love are very present in our lives as a family and as a relationship. Prior history and experiences have definitely played a role in how I make sexual decisions.

My environment has changed from my adolescence; however it did influence my behavior then to what I would decide now. Everyone at my school and neighborhood I grew up in was getting pregnant at a young age which lead me to become a young mother. It seemed easier to cope with and wasn??™t out of the normal if it occurred. However it was the most difficult time in my life, abortion was not an option.

However if I could have decide now, I would have made a different choice perhaps and not what my parent perceived to be correct. Being in love and having an attraction to someone can change one??™s ??? guidelines???. Making the decision to be in sexual activity can be altered to what we perceive right or wrong when our feelings change. After I had my son at an early age staying with the fathers clearly became out of the question within months. I promised that the next person in my life would have to jump through hoops before I engage in any sexual activity. I higher my standards and set a goal to marry prior to any sexual behavior. However with time that changed, he still had to go through hoops but eventually our sexual desires were overcome. My gender identity development young in life, I was very princess like and I knew I was a girl type.

My best friend was more tom boy style, and still is. We got along very well, however she really didn??™t have the dates and flirting time with the boys because she was always playing sports with them. This course has made me more at ease with my rationalism with my sexual identity.

Another topic that grasps my attention in this course was the contraception and life stages of sexuality. Trends relating to singlehood, cohabitation and marriage made me realize that it??™s ok to be a certain way and that life situations makes us choose our decide the lifestyle we live. Adolescent decision making and physical changes can affect our sexual desires later in life. For example having a disability can alter how we can reach intimacy with our partner and discover new alterations.

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