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Identification (part i) – lsu

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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Stephen CraneMain Characters: Maggie, Jimmie, Mary, Pete, and Nellie

Other Characters: Tommie, Father, The Old Woman across the hall, Miss Smith, and Billie.

Story Plot: Maggie runs away and becomes seduced by Pete. All while trying to escape the hardships at home.

The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story & How Mr. Rabbit Was Too Sharp for Mr. Fox – Joel HarrisUncle Remus, Brer Rabbit, Brer FoxDesiree’s Baby – Kate ChopinMain Characters: Madame Valmonde, Desiree, Armand Aubigny.

Story Plot: Desiree is accused of being black – turns out to be Armand.

The Story of an Hour (Kate Chopin)Main Characters: Louise Mallard, Brently Mallard, Josephine, Richards.

Plot Overview: Louise mourns her husband, Brently, death. She then embraces the thought of being single. Freedom. [Plot Twist] Brently is alive, and Louise dies of an heart attack.

In the Jewish Synagogue at Newport (Emma Lazarus)The poem symbolizes the displeasure of white settlers in Newport by connecting the harsh treatment of Jewish people in Egypt with their treatment in the US. Through religious persecution, and hate. The New Colossus (Emma Lazarus)This poem symbolizes the Jews escape from segregation and their longing for a place free of racial discrimination. 1492 ( Emma Lazarus)This poem symbolizes the Jews hope, after being exiled from Spain. A Dash if Liberty (Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins)***Mrs. Spring Fragrance ( Sui Sin Far)Main Characters: Mrs. Spring Fragrance, Mr. Spring Fragrance, Laura, Kai Tzu (her crush)

Plot Summary: Mr. Spring becomes enraged when he misinterprets a conversation between his wife and Laura.

When Malindy Sings (Paul Laurence Dunbar)Characters: Malindy and Ms. Lucy

Plot Summary: The narrator is braging about Malindy’s vocal talents in comparison to Ms. Lucy and other things.

We Wear the Mask (Paul Dunbar)The poem symbolizes the secrecy and insecurities among ourselves. It points out that we ” mask” aspects of our lives in order to be accepted. Sympathy (Paul Dunbar)***Fredrick Douglass (Paul Dunbar)This poem portrays the futile attempt for equality by using tempest storms to convey its imagery. The Other Two (Edith Wharton)Waythorn is able to look the other way about his wife’s previous marriages by placing the blame on the flaws of her ex’s. After he is forced to interact with the husbands, our narrator realizes the problem may not lie with her spouses. Fantaisie Printaniere (Frank Norris)Two women who were friends get into an altercation over whose husband is tougher and more physically-abusive. The Jungle (Upton Sinclair)Main Characters: Jurgis and On a (his wife)

Plot Summary: Jurgis and his wife, Ona, and their extend family find work in the stockyards owned by the Brown company and struggle to make ends meet.


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