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I am an empathic listener

I feel that I am an empathic listener. An empathic listener is someone who tries to know how someone is feeling. As an empathic listener we give support to those who may need it. Someone who may need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to talk off. I love to help others and this is one way to help.

As a pharmacy tech I see all types of feeling in the hospital I work for. There is illness, surgeries and death. When walking through the halls I make sure to greet everyone, asking them how their day is going or if there is anything that they may need. Sometimes they want to talk or maybe my smile and good morning is what they needed.

I love to find those that may need to talk or get something off their chest. Not because I am looking to make their grief worse but sometimes it makes things them feel better to talk to someone who isn’t part of their family. Though some people walking in the halls just need to see a smiling face without any words.

In the pharmacy I try to always as those I work with how their day is going or if they need help. I like to find ways to help those that may have told me a sad story, happy story or that they have just had a bad day. I listen intently and then try hard to help them in any way I can or just listen to what they have to say. I try to show them I am listening by looking directly at them, sometimes noding, maybe telling them how sorry I am to hear what they are going through. We may also try to give advice to them or just give them a hug.

Another example is by talking to a friend in need. We may see a Facebook post or have gotten a text that lets you know they need you. Meeting up with them in person is the best, that way I can feel what they feel. Give them the attention they need and make them feel the love I have for them by just listening and giving sound advice when needed.

I am also appreciative listener, I take pleasure in listening to a lot of things. It might sound weird to others but I enjoy the sound of the tractor on my farm. My chickens when they are happy. Yes, they make different noises at different times. My farm noises are absolutely amazing and not everyone would enjoy them but maybe find them annoying.

I love to listen to music, all types. I listen to all types and for different reasons. When I am feeling down I appreciate I great upbeat song. Though if I am missing someone, I might listen to their favorite song. When I am at work I listen to a lot of music to pass the time.

Another way that I am an appreciative listener is when I am listening to an audio book. I do enjoy reading a book but there is something about listening to a book. The way you can hear the different feelings in their voice as the book comes to life. It makes me appreciate a book even more. Though I still would rather feel the book in my hands.

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