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Humane society

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COM 114 Explanatory Speech: Outline Humane Society Specific Purpose: To explain to the audience what a humane society is and how they function towards the achievement of easing the suffering of animals.
Thesis Statement: Humane societies work for the benefit of animals and they work with government departments as well private individuals to ease the suffering of animals around us.
1. Attention Getter: Buddha said that life is suffering. It is certainly true that the world is full of suffering. Human suffering is often highlighted to us with news events and media clips but animals around us suffer as well.
2. Credibility Statement: A Humane Society is a group of people that wants to end the suffering of animals due to brutality and many other reasons. Organizations that comes under the category of humane society, works basically with an approach to the big picture, including works such as public education, helping out local animal shelters and animal rescue groups. Local groups handle the actual care giving process such as looking after animal housing, the animal adoption process and even euthanasia when it is required as an act of mercy (Wikipedia, 2008).
3. Relating to the audience: Even in our neighborhoods and cities, shelters are provided for animals and these shelters include municipal and private shelters which provide a wide variety of facilities. From life time care facilities for animals that are without homes to the temporary homes for animals. However, a municipal shelter is run by the government and it is funded by taxpayers such as you and me. The employees of such shelters are civil servants. Their basic function is defined in municipal codes, which means to pick up wandering and irritant animals and then reunite them with their owners.
4. Thesis: Towards this purpose, shelters work hard while dealing with tremendous pressure and limited funding.
Transition: Here are some details about private shelters
5. Private shelters: work with funded from private donors and provide a safe home for lost and misplaced animals. Their basic task is to find homes for such animals. Employees of these shelters work as volunteers and may even be professional vets who go about caring for such animals. Many of the private shelters do wonderful work by placing animals in good homes. However, some may have to kill the animals that cannot be adopted since there is never enough room in such places. The animals that have to be euthanized often are those who have constant health situations e. g. diabetes, or a disability which makes them difficult to offer for adoption.
Transition: There are certain shelters that have enforced a policy not to euthanize the animals in their care.
6. These are called “ no kill” Shelters. No Kill is a widespread movement for animal shelter improvement. It is advocated by Winograd with a simple policy of not to euthanize animals. Such kinds of policies are known as “ no kill.” The phrase No Kill is distinct by practices whereby an animal may be killed in order to ease the suffering of the animal or if the animal is unmanageable. However, animals are not killed just because there is not enough room in the shelter (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008).
7. Humane societies which operate these shelters deserve our help and support since they ease animal suffering in every way they can. Even the process of euthanasia can be seen as a method of easing suffering but if we want to help the humane societies and the shelters operated by them, we should look towards adopting these animals and showing them mercy while no one else will.
Encyclopedia Britannica. (2008). Animal Shelters and the No Kill Movement. Retrieved March 20, 2008, from http://advocacy. britannica. com/blog/advocacy/2008/01/animal-shelters-and-the-no-kill-debate/
Wikipedia. (2008). Humane Society. Retrieved March 20, 2008, from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Humane_Society

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