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How appropriate of these leadership styles business essay

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Goldenstate Manufactures Ltd. is a textile manufacture type of organization. The purpose of Goldenstate includes economic, social and personal aspects. Firstly, in Australia, the economic environment is suitable for establishing a textile manufacture organization, such as, economy system, customers’ purchasing power, the market condition of supply and demand. Secondly, the demographic conditions sufficient to form a market opportunity. Lastly, the most important purpose is personal. For example, the founder of the Goldenstate had an idea of establishing a textile manufacuting company and the founder had the sufficient supports, such as financial support.

b) Identify three (3) other types of organizations and explain how their purpose and reason for establishment might differ from Goldenstate Manufactures.

(1) Education. The government policies play an important role in the establishment . Education mainly encouraged to be established for educating people rather than making money which it differs from Goldenstate.(2) Church. A church represents a religion. Church are established by the follower of a religion to spread the belief of the religion rather than making money which it differs from Goldenstate.(3) Banking and Finance. Both Banking & Finance and textile manufacture are aim to making money. For textile manufacture, it provides textile products to meet the needs of market. However, banking and finance is giving banking and financial services to individuals and organizations.

1. 2 Identify at least two of the main roles/ functions that need to be carried out by the following:

There are four management functions: planning, organizing, leading, controlling. Mark (CEO): planning and controlling. Mark is the top manager which requires conceptual skills the most. Mark picks important information out of mass data, identifies opportunities and recognizes problems, assigns goals of the company. So planning and controlling are Mark’s main functions. Carl (Operations Manager): organizing and leading. Carl manages the largest department in the company which employs over 1500 staff. His main responsibilities are interviewing, reading an organization’s culture, creating effective team, designing motivative jobs and managing resistance to change. Carl needs to organize and lead the team to complete the production goals. Quality Control Manager: leading and controlling. As Quality Control Manager, the responsibilities are to monitoring the quality of production, giving feedbacks, disciplining, and manage resistance to change. Quality Control Manager mainly is to lead and control the teams to reach the quality standards of productions. Research and Development Manager: planning and organizing. The main responsibilities are problem solving, decision making, scanning the environment, budgeting.

1. 3 a) Explain how effective you feel Goldenstate Manufacturers is in meeting its purpose.

The purpose of Goldenstate Manufacturers is to make good quality of production and create profits. As the CEO has been assigned a goal for dropping profits and the QC department makes an excellent job with regards to identifying the quality issues during the production process, the company has an efficiency mean in management. But the difficulty is disorganized due to communication barriers within operation department. As a result, Goldenstate Manufacturers meet the purpose in low effectiveness.

b) List four main management skills or competencies needed for it to be competitive.

– Creating effective teams- Monitoring- Disciplining- Designing motivating jobs

c) Explain why you feel each of the four skills or competencies listed in 1. 3(b) are important.

– Creating effective teams: Operations department is the large department of the company where all the productions are made. An effective team puts the lowest inputs and produces the largest outcomes. As we can see in the case study, the operations department is disorganized, the communication at all levels is hard, the staff works in each section is not appointed according to the need of production process. The managers don’t manage the staff in the overall direction. Those are not effective teams and make the company dropped production and increased complaints from customers.- Monitoring: For Goldenstate’s problems, the main one is staff in the operation department just do their job without rectifying the faults. Things would go worse, if there is no effective monitoring to help.- Disciplining: Staff in the operation department just changed themselves within the different sections without any rule of the production process due to the operations department is disorganized. So set up disciplines and encourage the staff the follow them is very necessary.- Designing motivating jobs: Designing motivating jobs helps the managers to lead the staff follow the disciplines and become an effective team. In the case study, the staff is um-motivated and turn-over in some sections is high. Designing motivating jobs is one of the ways to solve the problems of the Gldenstate.

2. 1 a) Leadership theory of Ron the Finishing Manager: Transactional Leadership theory.

Evidence from the case study: ①In transactional leadership, punishments and rewards are given to the staff according to their performances. In the case study, Ron not allows his staff’s ideas go against his. Sharing ideas are not working under Ron’ controlling. Rewards and punishments are the only way of Ron to keep the staff under control. ②In transactional leadership, rules, standards and disciplines are necessary. In the case study, the reason of the high turn-over of the workers in finishing section is the department is disorganized. The high turn-over of the workers indicates that the Ron’s management doesn’t work due to one of the problems: lack of rules, standards and disciplines. So Ron is transactional leadership. ③In the case study, the communication is not clearly described. The staff failed to rectify the faults. Transational theory can usually work in the simple problems.④Transactional theory is usually used in business. Glodenstate Manufacutrers is a business company.

b) -Leadership style of Adam the knitting Manager: Autocratic.

We can see it from: ①Adam believes in the philosophy of ” My way or no way”. He makes decisions without opinions of anyone else. ②The workers’ turn-over in the knitting section is high. Adam failed to create motivation and get close cooperative relationships with staff. ③Autocratic style usually makes decisions quickly and decisively. Adam does it as he makes decisions of the knitting section just by himself.

-Leadership style of James the Dyeing Manager: Laissez-Faire.

We can see it from: ①James relies on the team work. James usually doesn’t realize whether the workers in her section do their jobs or not. ②James relies on interpersonal relations. She likes to be liked by her staff and she does actions that please the staff. ③ Staff are highly motivated as they can manage their work life. The staff likes to work in the dyeing section. The dyeing section is overstaffed. ④ Staff prefer to stay in the dyeing section than in knitting and finishing sections which makes the production process and the work pressures more.

c) How appropriate of these leadership styles.

Adam the knitting Manager Autocratic—not appropriateStaff’s turn-over is high due to not liberty of work life under autocratic leadership. And because the disorganized situation, no appropriate rewards will be given if the staff have a good performance. The quality of production will be worse and worse. James the Dyeing Manager Laissez-Faire—not appropriate①The staff could not do their jobs appropriate under the Laissez-Faire leadership.② The staff would all go to work in James’ sections, the production process will be strongly disturbed.

2. 2 a) Motivational theory: Goal-setting theory

Briefly describe the theory

To propose an accepted goal that is challenging but still can be achieved. The goalsShould be particular detailed that could be followed step by step to fulfill it. In this way, people will be highly motivated to do the more difficult task than without the setting goal. Benefits of taking part in goal-setting: 1, increasing the acceptance of the goals. 2, improves the achievement of the difficult, public tasks. 3, provides for self-feedback that guides behavior and motivates performance.

How Mark use goal-setting theory to motivate Carl

Encourage Carl to make his own carrier into a new stage by set goals according goal-setting theory. To propose the final challenging goal: in the next season is to make the production process works smoothly that no waste of human resources could be seen in the operations department. To achieve the final goal, assist Carl to set the problems into some aspects, such as ①set up clear rules that to organize the operations department, communication at all levels, ②design motivating jobs, rewards and punishments will be given according to their good or poorly performances according to the clear rules.③Encourage the managers in each section to guide their staff in overall direction. ④ Build up a supervisor team to monitoring the production process, all the faults and good performances would be submit to Carl. Carl rectify the faults and gives punishments or rewards.⑤ Set up rules that gives staff free to control their work life that without harming the company.

b) Four ways of Adam- the knitting Manager to motive his staff to remain with the company.

Give his staff chances to create ideas. How he might do it: by asking staff’s opinions, sharing ideas with staff and encourage them to express their ideas, use the appropriate ideas that staff brought out. Use the rewards if staff has good performances. How he might do it: Propose an idea of setting up clear disciplines of the operations department to Carl. Rewards standards should be included in the disciplines. Let staff knows what to doHow he might do it: monitor the production process, gives clear tasks to his staff if the situation changed. Cooperate with the staff from the other sections to reduce the work pressureHow he might do it: communicate with the managers of the other sections of operations department, reach in agreement that over-staff from other sections would transfer to help if one the production process from one section is lack of staff.

2. 3 a) Three benefits of delegation

Delegation helps Ron to manage his time effectively. Give the skilled staff chances to focus on skilled tasks, delegation helps manage the limited time of more skilled staff. Delegation can be a motivation. Gives staff more time to concentrate on new assignments and challenges, as to stop a job from being boring and repetitive it is always a good idea. Staff has chances to learn skills when given delegation to work on new tasks that they never did before. It could become a proper training fro the staff.

b) Five steps taken for effective delegation

Step one: Define what to delegateRon needs to divide the tasks into different levels according to the difficulty and complexity of the tasks. Decide which tasks that he can delegate. In the case study, the production is usually held-up as the finishing section process needed to be waited. Ron could give delegation of asking managers of over-staff sections to appoint some staff to help when the finishing section is lack of staff. Step two: pick who to give delegationRon needs to pick some staff from the team to give delegation. Measure who have the skills to overcome the task.. In the case study, the staff that given delegation should be able to predict the overall production process situation. He/ She should know when the finishing section will over work pressure from the details of the production process. And the one should have the strong responsibilities. Step three: provide document of rules instructions. Ron needs to set up a clear document to let the delegated staff to follow. In the case study, Ron should set up some steps of the actions that delegated staff need to do at the situation that the other sections are waiting for the fabric through the finishing sections. Step four: monitor the work and provide feedbackIn the case study, Ron should monitor what and how the delegated staff does, make records of it, provide feedbacks of what’s good and what’ not appropriate. Step five: make it ongoingEvery delegation is not given just once and monitor just at that moment. The environment of the company changes overtime, the delegation should be ongoing. In the case study, if the delegated staff did a something over the delegation. Then make new rules to make some restrictions.

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