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Mobile bar is not common in the country but there are some in other countries and even in Manila and indeed it gives the best service for the party. A mobile industry is one of the most exciting fields on the grounds that it is an uncommon business, international in nature and customers would surely love trying something innovative.

It is strength for the business to introduce the mobile bar in Batangas because it??™s the first time to have here; Batanguenos are industrious and need some refreshments. Given the popularity of bar drinks and ??? pulutan??? among young adults and social entertainers, a mobile-bartending service is a potentially successful enterprise that bar is a booming industry that gives opportunity for employment. Aside from the novelty of having a bar come to the customers that can be moved easily from site to storage to host any occasion and can be self-sufficient profit centers that provide additional opportunities of beverage service, a mobile-bar-tending service can be convenient for hosts who need to provide drinks for large parties and in that there is an opportunity of having high sales. Properly marketing the bartending services is the key ingredient to landing best parties and charging premium prices. It can be advertised in other areas, hire more bartenders and offer a full line of servers etc. The options for expanding the business to generate more income are endless. Beverage service can be a major profit generator for any size operation.

Drinks Stations offer advantages by serving beverage and for liquor sales at a central location. In some cases there are weaknesses too because of being conservative and practical of most of Batanguenos that choose to buy in nearest store than to go with this kind of bar. There are also some opportunities especially with some foreigners and tourist because Batangas is one of the best spot. The business also can be introduced in other places in the future. Since there are opportunities there are also threats because as we travel its not always rest assure of the weather, the path to take, accidents and the increase price of needed resources. Mobile bars provide an essential service at a variety of events, especially at venues without their own bar services.

Different types of client hire mobile bar for their event, from companies and organizations to individuals because it relieves so much of stress of planning an event and can be installed at virtually any venue. The business can cater for all types of events from wedding to birthday parties, corporate events including product launches, exhibitions and private parties to public festivals. The partnership can be relied upon to provide advice in helping the event organizer choose the right solution for an important event requirement. Giving your guests the opportunity to grab refreshments at any point during your event is essential, especially if it is taking place outside.

One of the major issues hiring a mobile bar addresses is the licensed retail of alcohol. Customers should be vended from licensed outlet. By hiring a mobile bar, the staff provided for the duration of your event should be licensed to sell alcohol. Another advantage of hiring a bar is the ability to offer your guests many different brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and well trained bartenders serving the guests at every bar. When booking your event are not only booking a mobile bar, also booking the best bar set up, trained and experienced staff. The province of Batangas is a favorable place for any business with a very low crime rate and stable labor condition.

The strategically located military detachments, police stations and outpost make the province as one of the most advantageous spot to do business in the Philippines. Our mobile bar is easy to locate and access that is located at ____________.

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