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Hotel security

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The hotel industry has always been known for its promise of a great stay and exceptional service but recently many hotels now have to promise safety and security for its guests. After past events, which include the attacks on September 11th and the most recent attack on hotels the Mumbai attacks, many hotels are looking for new and improved ways to help keep their employees and guests safe. Many hotels are now implementing a new system of security that will hopefully make the guest feel safe while they are staying at the hotel.

One of the most recent attacks on two hotels was in Mumbai on November 8th 2008 at the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, and the Oberio Trident. Both hotels were bombed and immediately taken over by terrorists which turned into a hostage situation. It was one of the worst attacks on hotels in history that resulted in 167 people losing their lives and nearly 300 being wounded. The total costs of the damage were INR 5 billion and almost took a full year to repair. After the attacks in Mumbai Jimmy Chin, chairman of the security committee for the Hotel Association of New York City, said he was compiling guidelines and recommendations that will be sent soon to the associations 242 member hotels. Its not that we expect anything tomorrow, because there is no specific threat against New York City hotels, Mr. Chin said. But this is all precautionary.

So how can these hotels have a good security system Hotels are very tricky by nature to completely secure because of the massive amount of guests and employees that circulate through the establishment on a daily basis. ??? You don??™t want it to look like an army camp; you want the guest to have a good experience,??? says Joe Mclnerney, president and CEO of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, ??? the security apparatus has to be extremely sophisticated.??? Much of the security operation must be done out of the sight because if the guests saw all the security they will start to question their own safety.

The sight of security guards with guns and x-ray machines can be enough to turn the most loyal customer into one that will never get close to your establishment again. After the Mumbai attacks Marriot International implemented a new security plan that could help prevent a similar attack. Marriot started the employee awareness campaign which was designed so that every employee is an investigator. As a part of the program, the hotel chain hung posters in employee restricted areas with the slogan ??? See Something, Say Something.??? For example, if a housekeeper went into a room and discovered a map with highlighted locations or any other suspicious items they would know to report it to management immediately. The program also has some similar features that are seen in our airports and national security. One of these features is the use of a color- coded threat level that is provided by intelligence through security services and in-house analysts.

The colors go as follows; ??? blue??? which is the lowest, indicates that the threat level is low and that the hotels can use its standard non-obtrusive safety procedures. The next level is ??? yellow??? which results in more security layers being used such as ID checks and very basic screenings. The last level is ??? red??? which requires hotel security to approach vehicles for screening and anyone entering the hotel must go through a metal detector. Even with security procedures in place, travel advisors tell guests to be aware of their surroundings and to look for ??? layers??? in security no matter where they are in the world. While many people feel that terrorism is our biggest threat toward hotels there is an even bigger threat that is lurking around. Since the beginning of the recession the rate of crime has gone up dramatically. More than a billion visitors travel to the U.

S yearly but some of these travelers become victims of crime even if the hotel has a security system in place. The recession plays a big role in the increase in theft because since the recession the hotel companies have had to make ??? cost cuts??? in certain departments including security. ??? The current (economic) downturn is associated with significant cuts in security,??? says Dave Wiggins, a member and former president of the California Tourism Safety & Security Association.

He also states that hotel employees are working fewer hours and making less money, which can push honest people toward dishonest behavior. So how much crime is committed in hotels The fact is that nobody really knows how much crime is committed in hotels. Police do not keep statistics on hotel crime, and hotel companies do not request crime data from USA Today. Farina, who is a hotel security company, estimates that at least one crime is committed in major hotels daily which are mostly thefts. The problem is that most of the time a guest will report their missing item as missing and not stolen. ??? Hotel guests may also assume that they have misplaced their items or the lost property is not worth the time and hassle to report the incident to the hotel staff or police,??? Brown says, who is a Ball State criminology professor. Another crime that has been happening more recently is that of rape and murder inside of hotels.

On May 1st a woman was allegedly raped in the parking lot of the Radisson Hotel in Boston by the same man who allegedly raped another woman in the same garage on April 19th but these acts are not constrained to outside of the comfort of the rooms. Around May 15th 1999 Mary Catherine Tubbs became a victim of a hotel assault even though she was an experienced hotel manager. A man followed her to her room and got in by saying he was housekeeping.

He proceeded to throw her to the floor, tied her hands behind her back with a bathrobe sash, and then put a pillowcase over her head and tried to choke her to death. Mary was able to fight her way to freedom and narrowly escaped death. To help ensure the safety of guests, government officials and hotel security experts have made of list of actions you should take to prevent any of these crimes from happening to you. The number one precaution is by doing research on the hotel and finding out if it is in a safe area and if the rooms have multiple locks especially a deadbolt. They also say that you should never open your door to anyone without verification from the front desk, and to not say your name while answering the phone.

With the help of newly established security procedures and tips on how to be safe the hotel industry could see a day when crime is eliminated completely. Gary, Stoller. “ Tips for having a safe hotel stay.” USA Today n.

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Web. 3 Feb. 2010. I only put 2 citations so both of you can fit yours in too. If you need more let me know Key Concept: As a part of the Marriot International Security program, the hotel chain hung posters in employee restricted areas with the slogan ??? See Something, Say Something.??? For example, if a housekeeper went into a room and discovered a map with highlighted locations or any other suspicious items they would know to report it to management immediately. True or False: The recession is one of the causes of crime in hotels. Answer: true Doing research beforehand on a hotels location can help prevent crime from happening to you.

Answer: True Fill in Blank: The Marriot International has a security program who??™s slogan is ??? something, something??? Answer: See, Say

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