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Homeschooling descriptive essay

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Point of View Entry Coming from a homeschooler. I personal like homeschooling.

No bullies, no cliques and you can do schoolin your pajamas. You can work at your own pace. One great homeschooling program is ECOT or Eletronic Classroom of Tomorrow. They have teachers who will work with you one on one. Some kids think homeschooling is for nerds and geeks but some kids do homeschoolong because they have trouble or don’t do well in school.

They can get distracted by myspace orFacebook. Parents may have trouble knowing how there kids are doing but with home schooling you can know what your grades are at anytime. One good thing about homeschooling is that nobody can bullie or tease you. One bad thing about homeschooling is the gap between you and other kids your age.

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