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Holding the ceremony of baptism


Having a baby on the way can be very hectic because there are many things that need to be done in order to be prepared. Before the baby is born, the whole family is in a rush to prepare; trying to get diapers, clothes, a crib…etc. Especially working out a new routine and getting ready for a whole new life.

The first thing that many parents think should be prepared is a baptism for the child. Some parents will ask for their child to be baptized because they want their child to be surrounded by the Christian church and faith. Parents also think of baptizing their child as a way to help them out of hatred and cupidity.

The Steps of Baptism

In order for parents to have their child baptized, they have to go through a few steps. The first step would be to choose a church. If you are not yet registered to a church, you will need to select a church in your area for your child to be baptized. The next thing you need to do is set a date depending on when your church is available. Most baptisms occur on Saturdays or Sundays sometime in the late morning or after Mass. The third step to prepare for the baptism is to find the Godparents of your child. But this is a bit harder because the godparents should be Catholic, since they are there to help your child live out Christian faith. After choosing the godparents, the parents should buy a gown, if the godmother has not yet gotten one. Choosing your babies gown by yourself is perfectly fine so you know you’ll love it. The last step you can do to prepare for your baptism is ask your church any questions that you are still having.

The Guests

When you are arranging the baptism you will need to think about who you would like to be present. A parent should send out an invitation a few months prior to the baptism ceremony so everyone has a chance to receive and answer. Now when choosing who to invite, you can have as many people as you would like. The most important people would be the godparents and any older siblings, then any aunts, uncles, or cousins. After you choose the close relatives, start thinking of close family friends. After you have decided who will be attending the parents will need to arrange the celebration. A small party with food, drinks, games, and music seems to be the best option. So the parents will need to find a venue for the party and pick out the type of food that everyone invited will enjoy. All of these steps seem very unnecessary but they are very important to make your child’s baptism fun and enjoyable for everyone.

The Godparents

Going back on the topic of choosing Godparents, there is a few responsibilities for them to handle. The godparents are like an aid to the parents when they can’t successfully give for their child. They also are who the child would go to if the parents neglect or are inadequate to provide religious and spiritual growth. When looking for the right godparents, the parents will usually look for people who have the goal not only to care, love, and give to their child but also step up and tend to the child’s faith training. Thus meaning that the godparents should be of the same religious faith but outside of their actual family. A godparents role fortunately is never ending, so they help and follow the child to the young adult age and are still present as they grow older.

On the day of the baptism, many things will be going and some tend to ask, “ What do the godparents do at a baptism?” Well the godparents are typically thought to be a ‘ sponsor’ and since the child usually cannot speak for itself, that is the role for the godparents, to speak on behalf of the child.

Preparing a Space for a Child

Anyone who is preparing for a baby has to have a special bedroom or space for the child. So right before the child is born the parents should begin to decorate the room and incorporate some spiritual assets. If this were me and I was decorating my child’s bedroom I would most definitely include somewhere on the wall, Jesus on the cross, for my baby to soon always remember that Jesus died for us. Also I would most likely include a bible verse/something inspirational, framed on the wall or even painted just to add a little extra faith or inspiration.

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