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History and political science

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History and Political Science History and Political Science The Quesia Media is one of the biggest educational resource providers, whereby it has the largest online library of liberal arts. It is located in Las Vegas, United States of America, and serves a very large number of individuals. Quesia offers a premium online information service that is subscription-based and provides users all time access to the more than seventy six thousand book fro more than three hundred publishers and several millions of articles obtained from newspapers, magazines and journals. Anderson, David L. Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War (2002) The Viet Nam War is one of the biggest wars that the world ever experienced and had some serious consequences1. The author of “ Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War,” is a professor of history at the University of Indianapolis, and makes a combination of three different formats in this succinct text called “ Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War,” which is a historical summary of the war from the time of French occupation via the victory in the North Vietnam, planned around critical controversial questions; Was Johnson a Warfare Hawk or just a Reluctant Warrior? The text chronicles all the things that happened in the Vietnam War, as well as a detailed list of documents and resources, in addition to an extensive chronology running from 208 B. C (when the Nam Viet kingdom was establishes via the extension of political recognition by President Clinton to the socialist Vietnam in the year 1995. Anderson David, a highly recognized and renowned Vietnam War researcher, provided a comprehensive insight that is of great benefit to students, scholars as well as all the other individuals looking for all-inclusive resources regarding all the aspects of the war together with the history of the Vietnamese2. This guide has five parts, and the most notable one is the summary of the war by the writer, whereby he poses a number of questions but does not, to his credit, express his conclusions as the best answers. The writer makes a conclusion that the war was brought about by the misapplication of the containment policies of the United States; however, we find that he cautions the researchers to carry out an investigation into all liberal, revisionist and conservative interpretations of the origin and ending of the war. The summary is then followed by a comprehensive glossary. The last three sections of the text are a chronology; that is an inclusive, short annotated bibliography that consists of electronic and print media; as well as a selection of the primary documents, which includes pronouncements from the officials of the United States and Vietnam, ending with the 1995 speech of President Bill Clinton, which pronounced stabilized relationships with the Vietnamese. This text is not as strong like its companion, known as ‘ The Columbia Guide to America in the 1960,’ since it does not have section of the shorter essays by renowned contributors. However, it is an incredible and inconceivable resource for the understanding of the war together with all its complexities. This text is recommended for most public and academic libraries. I came across this text whereas trolling through a number of websites that are related to the whole issue of the Viet Nam (whereby most of them are helpful; while others are terribly wrong. With the view or perception of over twenty five years since the stop of the Viet Nam War, the writer manages to put together an extremely complete and comprehensive look at the conflict. The chapters are written in a clear manner and include the major issues, such as the involvement of the United States of America in the war, maps, diplomatic and political attempts to bring the war to an end, backgrounds, and even how the war impacted the culture of the Americans. The text is written with a complete bibliography together with the important timelines. Just having all the details on the cost of the conflict accumulated in a single place is invaluable. That might make this text appear dry, but that is not the case, since the writer cuts through the critical issues in a very quick manner and even offers remarkable descriptions of the major websites. The writer presents his facts about the Viet Nam war in a similar manner that they are expressed in the text. I strongly recommend this book to all those people who have interest in history, particularly those interested in knowing the history of wars, the United States of America and Viet Nam. It has been of great help to me as I was able to find all the facts that I wanted as well as those that I did not know in a clear and understandable manner. References Anderson, David L. (2002). Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War. Chicago: Chicago University Press. Moyar, Mark. (2006). Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965. Cambridge University Press. Kolko, Gabriel. (2006). Anatomy of a War (1985). Cambridge University Press.

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