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Independence to Revolution Carlisle, Rodney P. One Day in History-July 4, 1776. New York: Collins, 2006. Print.  This book discusses several of the events that led to that historical day called the Declaration of Independence. However, the main focus of the book is the outcome of this historical event. The book contains several texts written by historians who detailed how each event affected the happenings on that day, and how every colony were affected by each specific event. The interesting feature of the book is how it allows readers to have a feel of how it is if one is present on the day of the Declaration of Independence, while giving an insight on the future of the nation that we know today.
Dershowitz, Alan M. America Declares Independence. Hoboken, N. J: John Wiley & Sons, 2003.
 This book discusses the theology, history, and political theories surroundings the Declaration of Independence. Several published writings and letters of Franklin, Jefferson, and others are presented in the book. The interesting thing about the book is how it explored the idea that the men who fought for, authored, and amended the Declaration of Independence did not have establishing a Christian nation in mind. The author presented data showing that the values of the Orthodox Christian Church are all rejected by Thomas Jefferson. Also, it explores on the concept that equality, and not slavery, is the purpose of the Declaration. Dershowitz presented data supporting the idea that Jefferson rejects the concept of slavery and supports the “ secular humanist” concept. It is controversial, challenging, and disturbing, because it requires readers to rethink their opinions regarding the Declaration
Dull, Jonathan R. A Diplomatic History of the American Revolution. New Haven, Conn: Yale
University Press, 1987. Print.
 Of all the books reviewed, this is considered the most interesting exploration on the different sides of diplomacy during the American Revolution. It provides an easy and interesting read, thus giving the book a wide array of target readers. It catches the interest even of a general reader, yet provides well-researched data that will also interest any historian. The diplomatic history of the American Revolution is presented in several angles, including America’s diplomatic ties with France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, and Spain.
Greene, Jack P. The American Revolution: Its Character and Limits. New York: New York
University Press, 1987. Print.
 Simple and straightforward, the book discusses a lot of unfinished businesses caused by the American Revolution. Mainly, there are two very interesting articles that provide a great eye-opener for any reader: “ Two Republics in a Hostile World” by Jonathan Dull, and “ The Ambiguities of Power” by J. R. Pole. The book, particularly these two articles, can be compared to the ideas presented in the book by Dershowitz — it makes one rethink of their personal opinions on the American History.
Greene, Jack P, and J R. Pole. A Companion to the American Revolution. Blackwell companions
to American history, [1]. Malden, Mass: Blackwell Publishers, 2000. Print.
 This book is a compilation of ninety separate texts discussing the political, cultural, and social aspects of the American Revolution. According to the book editors, the results of this historical day can be felt from the Caribbean to Russia. One very interesting topic in the book is the explanation of the Magna Carta’s influence on the American Revolution. Adequate supporting facts are provided to validate all the claims made in the book, proving that the book is well-researched and balanced.
Haines, Charles G. The American Doctrine of Judicial Supremacy. Buffalo, New York: William
S. Hein, 2008. Print.
 This book is about judicial power. The main sources of the book are stories by Thomas Hutchinson — a person who lived during the American Revolution. Just like the “ A Companion to the American Revolution,” it presents discussions on how the American Revolution is influenced by the Magna Carta. Thomas Hutchinson is a reliable source for the book because, he not only lived through the Stamp Act, but he also dedicated twenty years of his life investigating and examining the historical events of his time.

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