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High schoolexample

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Good morning guys! BBC-5 news is live. I’m Nicola chasing down the latest details again today, of a report we wrapped up yesterday.

“ Mackey Cord, a tough street-smart foster 14 year old student of Granaries High School who came from a poverty stricken neighborhood, and became a target of bully. Unexpectedly, was invited to join a special secret society and form a “ Hit Squad” whose aim is to have revenge and punish the bullies, bring order to the school, and ensure that good triumphs over evil. Mackey goes long with their plans.

However, after the success of the first hit, Mackey begins to struggle with the morality of the group’s actions. When the next hit goes terribly wrong, Mackey faced the consequences of the squad’s actions and eventually learns a very important lesson through the tragic death of a gentle giant friend who admired him enough to do whatever he wanted. Joining us here is Mackey Cord for a brief interview.

” [Main Points/ Interviews] NICOLA: Welcome Mackey! It’s good to see you here! MACKEY: Thanks, It’s good to see you too. NICOLA: So how are you feeling Mackey after that accident, which affected our friend Hector Cooking’s life?

MACKEY: I feel no better at all, knowing that everything about him is over because of what happened. NICOLA: So tell me, why did you plan to ask Mr..

Cogging to join you and with your members in your ‘ Hit Squad’ group? MACKEY: I convinced him to join to basically be as the backup-muscle of the group, because I thought that we were not able to chase and confront the giant bullies who had the same massive body as his, without his help. NICOLA:

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