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High school differences

High School Differences             There are four different grades in high school; freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior.   From when you are a freshman you always want to meet new friends, and get good grades.   No matter what your grade is, you are still a student.   So in a way, all the students are the same, but they do have tons of differences. Freshmen, first of all are still learning where L-Hall is, but they are trying to make new friends too. Freshmen are not bad people, they don’t hurt anyone, and that’s one of the good sides. The main problem about them is that they are stuck too much in middle school. Their body is in high school, but their brain was left over at Mountain View. To be honest, some freshman are great, they are nice, and respectful. The other three-fourths are immature and laugh at any “ Your mom” joke still. Seniors are the “ All Powerful”. Everyone (besides teachers) look up to them. Freshman try and talk to them, and juniors try to act like them. I believe that seniors are the role models of the school, and are treated much better than other underclassmen. Seniors are usually skipping class, and procrastinating. The other seniors are trying to keep their grades up while frantically looking for Financial Aid and planning on what they will do next. Seniors are much better than freshmen, and everyone knows it. Seniors are the laid-back, I-don’t-want-to-be-at-school kind of people. They usually show up late to class while the freshmen get there ten minutes early. Seniors are usually driving over to Taco Bell for lunch, while freshmen stare at the nasty school food waiting for it to move. Yes, they do have all these differences, but seniors were once freshmen. In conclusion, seniors are much more mature, but lazy people. While the freshmen are trying to fit in, and find L-Hall, They all have their differences, but they are all students. They are all just kids, going to school day to day, thinking about their future.

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