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Here you can find how to write an article review

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  • What About the Article Review Example?

Surely every student faces such an academic assignment as an article review paper. Many students do not like this type of tasks. They think that this is quite difficult and not interesting. Write a review of the article causing you difficulties? Do not despair! However, in fact, it is not so if you understand how to properly perform a similar task.  You just need to understand how to write this task correctly. Undoubtedly, we will help you in this! Moreover, it can become fascinating and cognitive. In more simple terms, this is the article critique in a certain way.

What Is the Review Article Looks Like?

Actually, the term article review and the way how to introduce it is not always clear for students who are asked to do this task. The fact is that sometimes even journalists can ask for clarifications about what is required of them when writing a review of the article. We can say that such terms as “ summary of the article” or “ article criticism” are interchangeable for those who are going to write a review of the article. Your professor should give you a clear indication of which of these parts you need to perform. If your professor did not give you such instructions, then they should be clarified with him, in order to perform this task correctly.

Often a person is provided with an article for review, criticism or summary. You need to take notes and certainly not once to read the article in order to achieve its clear understanding of the content. You should draw up a plan and highlight those aspects of the article that you consider important for consideration.

Let’s see what a good review article is. So, the review articles summarize scientific research on a specific topic. The purpose of this work is to determine which people work in this area, the latest great achievements, and discoveries, various research problems, and ideas about how research can go further. The writing of such a task includes generalization, classification, analysis, criticism, and comparison. In order to give the correct analysis, comparison, and analysis, it is necessary to use theories and research ideas that relate to the field of the article.

Read About the Article Review Format

The format of your article review can be quite broad. The format of your article should always match the style of the quotation that your professor assigned to you. If you are not sure, ask to specify the preferred format and ask it to clarify a few other pointers to properly complete the formatting of the article review.

Here You Can Find the Article Review Template

Let’s see what you need to write this task. First, you should carefully read the article and pay attention to the main aspects and concepts that you will need to include in your research.

Be sure to take notes. Gather as much material as possible for your review article.

You must clearly understand that the review is not a description. You need to understand and analyze it and also provide your own opinion (if it is indicated in the assignment).

We bring to your attention a template that will help you when writing your review article.

  • The first step, as in all written works, will be the preparation of an introduction. It should consist of one or two paragraphs. In it you should describe the problem faced by the author of the pack. Provide information and context about it to your reader. You can provide general urgency of this problem. In the end, you need to consolidate your thesis here. Provide a short but definitely specific article. Write no more than two sentences explaining this assessment.
  • The body of your review article will contain from three to seven paragraphs.

Start with the author of the article. Provide information about whether he is an expert on this topic. You can provide information about his previous similar work. Mention the criticism of this article. Tell us how this publication inspired the author’s life.

Next, summarize the content of the article itself. Specify what types of evidence the author uses on this issue. On how strong and substantiated his assertions. Tell who the target audience of the author is. This paragraph should be brief and be 1-2 paragraphs, and it is he who sets your analysis of the content of the article. Next, you will be able to elaborate on these points in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Next, you need to give an analysis and evaluation. You need to analyze how effective the argument is given by the author. Tell us if there are weak aspects of this article. You can indicate that the author has missed important information on this topic. Describe how relevant the information in the article is and whether it helps to solve the problems. Consider the structure and style of the article, to what extent it is well organized by the author. Also, give a description of how this article is easy to understand the reader.

  • Your conclusion should be one paragraph. In order to draw a strong conclusion, you should once again read your main ideas and strengthen your thesis, which you represented in the introduction. Give an opinion about whether the article is strong or weak in the area. Specify the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of approaches in this article. Tell us about the impact of this article and your contribution to the target audience.

Do not be afraid to use your own unique style when writing a great review article. This will add only individuality to your work. If the article was originally written well by the author, then it guarantees you success and a good grade for your work. Remember that it is always important to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the author. Just do not be afraid to be fair and do not hesitate to criticize the work of the author. Actually this is required for you/

The Outline Example MLA

Let’s look at using the MLA format

When writing a web article: the last, the first middle initial. “ The title of the article.” The name of the website. Publisher of the site, Date Month Year Published. Web. Date Month Year Access.

If you write an article in the newspaper, then the structure will be as follows: the last, the first M. “ Title of the article.” The name of the newspaper [City] Date, month, year Published: Page (s). Print.

When writing Journal Article: Last, First M. “ Title of the article.” Title Series Volume. Issue (Year Published): Page (s). The name of the database. Web. Date Month Year Access.

What About the Article Review Example?

You can find a large number of examples of a review article on various topics on the Internet. critique example APA and MLA there. To write your review article, you can rely on review sample of a simpler writing. We want to show you the key phrases that you can use in your review article and they will help you move in the right direction. Specialized expressions and turns recommended for writing a review of a scientific article:

“ The author draws attention to”

“ In the article the author considers”

“ This article demonstrates”

“ Particularly should be emphasized”

“ The concept”

“ Attention deserves”

“ The author correctly analyzes”

“ The author rightly notes”

“ The author of this work gives a detailed analysis”

“ The author of this article focuses attention”

“ The author proves of concrete examples that”

“ The relevance of the study is”

“ The article analyzes the main approaches”

“ The article reveals and reveals the problems”

“ Particular attention in the study is given to”

“ Of particular interest is the conclusion”

“ The author on the basis of a large factual material considers”

“ The author successfully argues his own point of view”

“ As the main points of the methodology used by the author”

“ The author has studied the author in sufficient detail (presented, described)”

“ The work under review is distinguished by the novelty and demonstrability of a number of ideas”

“ The peer-reviewed work is a serious and interesting scientific article on a rather rare topic”

“ The article is executed on a high scientific level, contains a number of conclusions of practical interest”

“ The whole content of the article is logically interconnected and confirmed by quotations from authoritative sources”

So, as you can see, it is not so difficult to complete such assignment if you follow these recommendations. We hope that now you have a good understanding of how to write a review of the article. Remember: the most important thing is not putting off anything for tomorrow! With the proper allocation of time, the performance of such an academic task will be held only with the benefit and positive emotions. Good luck, young writers!

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