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Health policy week

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Could it be that the healthcare system wants the issue to rise because that is how they make theirmoney, or is it because not enough studies or programs exist for those people who have no insurance and can’t get the necessary help they need to attack the problem? This paper will talk about and confront the many problems and concerns ofobesityand will depict how the healthcare personnel can address the situation. II. Identifying Patients at Risk A. Economic despair and the geographic locations play a major part inobesity In America. African Americans are the race that is feeling the oppression of obesity.

B. Blacks, those who are middle-aged, and lower-income adults continue to be the groups with the highest obesity rates. The healthcare law could help reduce obesity among low-income Americans if the uninsured sign up for coverage and take advantage of the free obesity screening and counseling that most insurance companies are required to provide under the law (Sharpe, 2013). Ill. Obesity and theHealthPolicy A. ) Many health officials are offering nutrition advice for obese patients but been proven ineffective at the individual levels. B. Obesity causes many chronic illnesses. Some illnesses includediabetes, high blood pressure, liver diseases, and some form of cancers to name a few. IV. Increased Health Cost Caused by Rising Obesity A. ) Surgeries are being done to assist people with losing weight. Gastric banding and gastric bypass surgery are what personnel are relying on to lose weight and the cost isn’t cheap. B. ) Obesity healthcare cost is staggering in the United States. Physicians are probably putting the disease on the bottom of their to-do list because that is where they are making their money.

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