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Harrison bergeron summary essay

1. In the story, “ Harrison Bergeron,” the author seems to try to show us an unresolved external conflict between an individual who is not so equal to other people and a society, or a government which tries to force him physically to be equal.

In addition, I think Vonnegut put another conflict in the story; the conflict between people and equality. As the equality is the ultimate factor that people want for hundreds of years, people seem to think when it is accomplished the world would be a utopia; however it is not, and the story is more likely to exhibit the side-effects of equality and the human beings’ reactions. As the story goes, it gives me some strong feeling that the story is unresolved. The reason is, I suspect, that there is apparently an ending; however it does not end with a specific and vivid contents in it.

Therefore, this ending can possibly lead readers to some questions such as how the society would be changed, or developed as time passes, and how people would change with the equality. After all, accomplishing the equality is an implausible fact, and even if it is accomplished the world is not the same as human beings imagine. . As the story flows, it seems that individuality still exists in the false-equality-achieved society. In the story, people are uniformed. People are enforced by the Handicapper General not to be equal.

Their individualities disappeared away, and people become like manufactured robots. However, Harrison Bergeron is different, and to prevent any threats from him, the government just arrests and isolates him. Eventually Harrison escapes from jail and makes an announcement that he is different. This shows that in this society, people think it is a matter of course; however the truth is if people at least want to be different they can be different like Harrison Bergeron. Therefore, without individuality people become nothing as they have nothing to make themselves different from other people, and they have the right to be different.

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