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Guns, germs, and steel ch 6 and 8

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PiecemealOne piece at a timeMississippi FluorescenceIn Cahokia, they began farming with the Mexican Trinity, and it made their food output become surplus, thus yielding a population to food production to surplus to population circleMexican TrinityMaize, beans, and squash, make Mississippi Florescence possibleBiotaThe stuff in the BiomeCereal CropMaize, oats, wheat, barley are all cereal cropsLarderpantryCircumscribeTo draw a line around and therefore to narrowly limit or restrict actionsBotanyStudy of plantsEthnobiologyStudy of human relation to plants/animalsGraftingPut two things togetherMediterranean zoneCalifornia, Chili, Australia, South Africa, MediterraneanAuto-catalytic processthe more added, the bigger it getsDichotomyTwo opposing things (HG and Farming)Hermaphroditic SelferHas both male and female reproductive organs and self pollinatesPleistoceneAn epoch of 2, 000, 000 to 10, 000 years agoGlaciationA period of glaciersWhy did agriculture never arise in some fertile and highly suitable areas? The climate and topography wasn’t suitable, it took to long to change over, they didn’t want to change over, or they didn’t have the proper crops to change over. What is the relationship between a climate and the plants grown there? They have similar characteristics, season & plant cycles work togetherWhy was the fertile crescent the earliest site for agricultural development? Crops were easily gethered, preferred crops were grown easily, and it was the easiest spot to farm. What is animal husbandry? The keeping track and breeding of animals for the most desirable traitsWhy did Jordan Valley Farmers domesticate barley and emmer wheat as opposed to other crops of that regionThey had the largest seeds. Barley is in the top 4 most abundant cereals, and emmer is of medium abundance. Barley could evolve quickly. Other seeds were in lower abundance, perennial, making them evolve too slowly for domesticationExplain Mark Blumler’s studies and tell the reason behind why the Fertile Crescent was so successful in food productionThe climate, the way the summer is dry and the winter is wet. Most helpful grasses are concentrated into the fertile crescent. Were hunter/gatherers/incipient farmers aware of the possible uses of wild crops? If so, why didn’t they use them in this way? Yes, hunter-gatherers were aware of possible uses for wild crops. The New Guineans were very aware what was edible and what was not. They didn’t use them in this way because they didn’t supplement enough and traditions and society intervened. Know about the crops, but they don’t know how to farm them at helpful rates. Why aren’t dream crops used today? Why were they considered to be dream crops? They were high in oil & fats, but they had small seeds and had irritating scents and could cause rashWhy did NG’s biota suffer? 1. No cereal crops were domesticated there
2. NG fauna lacked any domesicatable large mammal
3. Available root crops lacked protein and caloriesHow/Why were the Fertile Crescent, NG, and Eastern US different in domesticating cropsNG had few animals and they didn’t have the proper flora to do so. The East US had a few better crops, but weren’t able to thrive until the Mexican Trinity. The FC did the best with the best cereals and the best climate to work in harmony with the cereals. ONGUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL CH 6 AND 8 SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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