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Group formation

Group Formation In this paper, the researcher would like to describe on how 5 co-workers came to be a group, in this case, the researcher would describe the way the group was formed until it disbanded, showing the life cycle of a group. Of course, as the 5 co-workers preliminary formed their group, they passed through the anticipatory stage. However, in forming a group, there would be the possibility that there would be deviants, which is why the team decided to establish rules and the norms that the group mates are to follow. After setting the rules, the group then passed by the antecedent stage, wherein group socialization played a big part to make them understand one another’s thoughts and ideas. It is also in this process wherein the 5 co-workers started to feel the group climate as they get along. Through groupthink, the group was then able to do their preliminary plans on how to consolidate the 30 employees in the workplace. In order to systematize the groups’ functions, roles were defined, with each member having assigned individual roles to follow. Some group member chose to have maintenance roles in the group, while some opted to have task roles to accomplish. As the group members did their jobs, some experienced primary tensions, especially for those whose group members’ roles did not fit their respective hidden agenda. Such situation resulted to a punctuated equilibrium among the group members, which again complicated to secondary tensions, especially because trust among group members was lost, compromising the cohesiveness of the group. Soon enough, the group turned out not to work out, forcing its members to accept the exit stage.

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