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Group based assignment

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It is important for each group member to contribute substantially to the final submitted work. All group members are equally responsible for the entire submitted assignment. If you feel that the work distribution is inequitable to either yourself or your group mates, please highlight this to your instructor as soon as possible. Your instructor will then investigate and decide on any action that needs to be taken. It is not necessary for all group members to be awarded the same mark. Question 1 In this assignment, you will analyses business environment at Community Clubs ND examine a business opportunity as a franchise.

On a group basis, prepare a comprehensive feasibility plan on a non-Food & Beverage (F&B) Franchise which your team is keen to introduce into one of the designated Community Clubs. The selected franchise should help foster better bonds among the residents living around the area. The following are the designated Community Clubs which your team are supposed to choose from: 2. 3. 4. 5. ACE The Place, Our Community Club @ Admiralty (Block 547 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 730547) Marine Parade Community Club (278 Marine Parade Road Singapore 449282)

Anchorage Community Club (59 Anchorage Road Singapore 544965) The Frontier Community Club (60 Journo West Central 3 Singapore 648346) The Serration (10 Serration North Avenue 2 Singapore 555877) The GAB submission should be a word document as per the format provided at the end of this document. (100 marks) SIMI UNIVERSITY Assignment 2 – Page 2 of 5 Background Community Centers or Community Clubs are run by the People’s Association. It is space within a housing estate that is allocated to act as the common meeting ground for residents.

They have been set up to promote racial harmony and social cohesion through the various cultural, educational, recreational, sporting, social and other community-based activities In recent years, more and more commercial businesses have been setup within Community Clubs. One such example is Burger King setting up within Tympanis North Community Club. There are several ways to start a business and one of them is to get a franchise. Some of the advantages of using franchising are brand-name appeal with a proven record and the proper training and guidance that are provided.

Details of the various types of franchises in Singapore can be found at the website of Franchising and Licensing Association (FLAT) Singapore: ‘ vow. Flagellating. Org. Guidelines and Assumptions GAB groups are free to conduct desk research, field research, interviews, etc to identify possible business ideas. The team can obtain/collect the data from the relevant library databases to assess the demographics, market potential and financial attractiveness of the opportunity. You must formulate a complete Business Plan that includes financial analysis on the viability of the new start-up.

The business idea must be a non-F&B Franchise and it must be located in one of he designated Community Clubs. The rental for the retail outlet space is assumed to be $9, 000/monthly for the duration of 3 years. The initial two months of operation is the gestation period of the new franchise, e. G. Staff recruitment, renovation, staff training and etc. The first revenue can only be received by the new franchise from the third month onwards in the team’s financial forecast. The depreciation for any capital investment is a straight line over three (3) years.

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