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Grendel’s self discovery essay

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Throughout the fresh Grendel goes back and Forth between the two beliefs nihilism and existential philosophy. Through the journey of calculating out the belief in life. he struggles for being a cultural foreigner. Gardner makes it tough for Grendel to do a determination because merely like Grendel there are other cultural foreigners like the Dragon who portions his doctrine with him. Doctrines of life have a broad assortment for people to take from like in Grendel by John Gardner.

The chief character. Grendel. travels on a journey of self-discovery. finally going a nihilist. and by the hero Beowulf was defeated. Grendel struggles with his ain significance of life between “ being” and “ nothingness. ” With influence from others like the Dragon. Beowulf. and the Queen. Grendel switches between beliefs based off two philosophers named Jean-Paul Sartre and Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi. The doctrine that is existential philosophy is “ a philosophical motion which exercised an influence on many of the humanistic disciplines every bit good as on doctrine and psychological science.

The belief in people have free will and can take what they want to be is in other words what existential philosophy. Existentialism was a philosophical motion that dealt with the thoughts of the manner of life by many philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre. Sartre did non hold with traditional statements of human nature he argued that in the instance of human existences “ existence precedes kernel. ” In his celebrated quotation mark. the significance is that worlds have no set or fixed nature that determines what they will make.

After go forthing his mother’s cave. he is free to an wholly different universe. a universe of worlds and other animals. “ I played my manner farther out into the world… carefully fliting from tree to corner disputing the awful forced of dark on tiptoe. ” ( 16 ) . As a defence against the remainder of the existence. Grendel establishes existential philosophy as his doctrine. Grendel discovers that the animals that he watches portion a common linguistic communication and idea. This is when Grendel meets characters like the Shaper and Hrothgar. both of whom aid determine his early belief of existential philosophy.

May it be the destroyer of Hrothgar. or possibly a slightly benign antihero. The belief in Nihilism is the point of view that life is nonmeaningful. There is no intent to life because it will come and travel. Nihilism is the more extended version of determinism. That of which is a person’s chief intent in life is already mapped out for them and they can non alter it. Nihilism is the entire antonym of existential philosophy. it is the position of holding no intent and existential philosophy is happening your ain intent.

In a manner. you can look it as binary resistance because nihilism could be evil and existential philosophy could be good. In Grendel. Grendel comes in to the presence of the Dragon. Through his conversation with the Dragon. Grendel is taught nihilism. The Dragon believes that all things in the existence will stop and are hence nonmeaningful and price reductions existential philosophy as a doctrine and nihilism as the absolute truth. The thought that nil lasts everlastingly and will decease is the doctrine of the firedrake. “ The beginning. the present. the terminal. All clip. all infinite. ( 62. 63 )

The Dragons conversation pursues Grendel on his doctrine of life that everything comes and goes “ In a billion billion billion old ages. everything will hold come and gone several times. in assorted forms” ( 70 ) . These two different doctrines dictated Grendel’s life from start to complete. He was neither genuinely Nihilistic nor Experiential. because he was a creative activity of both. His early experiences led to an Experiential belief and his ulterior 1s a Nihilistic 1. These conflicting thoughts ultimates led to his ultimate peace. “ Is it Joy I feel? ” and his ultimate devastation. ( 173 ) Or are they the same thing?

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