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Green technology

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Green Technology also focuses on less harm being done to humans, animals, and plant health. Pollution around the world is effecting our way of fife and our planets health every day, with the help of green technology we can reduce pollution and improve on cleaning our planet back toward its original state of health. Today our country and many others, even developing countries are researching and spending billions of dollars on green technology to extend the life of our planet and reduce the effects we are having on it.

Now that we have defined green technology and given a basic idea of what it is and the goals of green technology we will go over the future developments of green technology and the repose in length of this technology and how it will change our planet in a positive way. The purpose of green technology goes beyond just saving resources and money, purpose of green technology. Sustainable is first and foremost on the minds of any green tech scientist, creating something that meets the needs of society in a clean renewable way that can continue indefinitely without depleting natural resources.

For example, wind based power, or wind power plants, they do not use any resources like fossil fuels or bio fuels, or electricity to generate their functionality. Wind based power plants are self-sustaining power created by earth. They have inevitable life span and almost zero cost and maintenance. The second and also important purpose of green technology advancing is Pollution Reduction. Pollution Reduction is the process of reducing the fossil fuel pollution and waste by changing how we create and use our resources.

Keener states in his book ” Our Sustainable Future” that through solar power, wind power, hydrophone and biomass we can reduce the pollution we create by relying on fossil fuels (Keener, 2006). He also references that y advancing these technology we can eliminate the extreme need and use petroleum, coal, natural gas, and cement production, which adversely affect our planet (Keener, 2006). The graph below shows how fossil fuels effect our planet versus renewable sustainable energy.

The above graph shows how much we have increased are carbon footprint and the effects it has had on our planet. The graph you see below shows how we will curve this trend and have already begun to do so. Under the current administration changes have been put in place to substantially change how we fuel and power our entry and advancing Green technology will allow this to come to fruition. The third and final purpose of green technology is innovation.

Innovation is the ability to develop alternatives to technologies, whether it be fossil fuels or chemical intensive agriculture that have been demonstrated to damage health and the environment. The funding and time allowed to research and develop green technology will allow us to curve the trend and effects pollution has on our health and our planets. The future of Green Energy and Green Technology is brighter than ever, we have more funding being put into research and development and more awareness being taught and information distributed to the public than ever before.

Think about this, your plastic water bottle is renewable technology, saving plastic and reusing it to cut down on pollution, this is one simple green technology most people don’t think about when it comes to green energy and technology. Some of the newest inventions and ideas to come out of the Green tech industry are listed in the next few paragraphs. Solar panels are one Green energy design that has been around but wrought research we are almost at a point of a whole new level of solar power, it is called Solar Spray.

Solar panels are bulky and expensive, through new technology Insole AS, a Norwegian company created a spray that you can apply to any window in your house and it turns them into solar panels that convert sun into watts to power written of the cite J. Horton talks about new ideas and technology coming out of the world. One idea he spoke is called Science City Heating System, Stating that ” In many parts of the world, a significant amount of energy is used to cool homes in summer, ND Just as much is used to hear those homes in winter.

In Switzerland, Science City, part of the TEETH Zurich campus, has developed a pioneering system that stores the heat of the summer underground, only to pump it back up to heat the homes during winters (Horton, 2006). Wind power is changing and evolving at a rapid pace, new technology is also coming out that allows small wind turbines to be attached to your ceiling and or roof that provide enough power to sustain an entire home, and final new research on biomass where plants are burnt, and use the energy they gain from he sun to fuel fossil fueled transportation and homes.

This is an idea being worked at D. C. CEO to eliminate old fossil fuels and use plant based energy. By adopting green technology wisely, and using today’s technology I believe that the earth can be protected against environmental pollution. Using green technology has become imperative today. By creating and using green energy, we will gain a step in the fight to save our environment and make our planet a healthier place for everyone. Using green technology will become not only vital for our existence but mandatory in the years to come.

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