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Greatest invention

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Throughout time there have been lots of new inventions which have both hindered and helped everyday life with humans. There are many different possible world’s greatest inventions because they have all helped out humankind in some way, some more than others. I think that the greatest invention of all time is Harnessed Electricity. Some may argue that this was not an invention it was a discovery but although electricity itself was a discovery there was still the invention of had to use it and what it could be used for. I think that electricity is very important to human life because it would be nearly impossible to do anything we do today.

If we didn’t have electricity a lot of things would stop and a lot of things wouldn’t be possible. It would be jsut like living in the dark ages. My first reason as to why I think electricity is the world’s greatest invention is that without electricity there would be very little to do and people would have to play outside as they use to do in Victorian times to amuse themselves. This would make children very bored and therefore they would have to find more ways to amuse themselves which could be knife crime, stealing, fighting, graffiti and other criminal things.

This would mean that more children would be getting in to trouble simply because they have nothing to do as they don’t have electricity to play on the internet or watch TV. The only games that would be possible would be imaginative games, dancing, chatting and going to the theatre which really wouldn’t appeal to everyone. Secondly without electricity there wouldn’t have been any more great inventions and according to the source of the 10 top greatest inventions of all time, TV, Internet, Transmitters, Cars and Light bulbs are all very high on there and without electricity it would not have been possible for these to have been invented.

This proves that the world needs electricity to create these new inventions because they are the ones that have helped mankind the most. Also electricity has played a big role in saving lives and although penicillin was another really good invention it didn’t help the world as much as what harnessed electricity did because for penicillin on its own to work now a days with all the possible illnesses you would have to make sure that you knew what was wrong with the patient and there are so many possible illness’s, diseases and injuries that someone can occur and now penicillin wouldn’t cure the majority of them.

I believe that the use of electricity in healthcare is more important than the use of penicillin because of the x-rays, MRI scans, life support machines, cat scans, ultrasound, surgery lighting, heart rate monitors, incubators and loads of other much needed specialist equipment. This equipment has over the years helped to save millions of lives and although penicillin helps to treat the odd few illnesses it doesn’t help to run a well equipped hospital which saves even more lives with the billions of people who visit a hospital every year.

Without electricity there would be no light and it would constantly be dark from around 4pm ever day. This would restrict most people from doing things because as soon as it was dark they would have to go to bed because there would be no lighting. Nobody could go out after dark as there would be no street lights on the roads and houses would have to be lit by candle light which wouldn’t give of the strength of light that a light bulb does now. Yet again it would be exactly like living in the dark ages.

Another reason that electricity is majorly important to everyday life is because without electricity businesses wouldn’t be able to cope and there would not be many jobs. Managing systems would fail because there would be no computers to keep track of files and financial situations. Banks wouldn’t be able to work properly because they couldn’t keep track of the money enough and all jobs would generally be hard labour ones that young people and women would find hard doing as there would be no office jobs and accountcys because there are no computers and internet to be used.

Also there would be very little ways to travel as there would be no cars, no planes and only coal run trains. Therefore it would restrict people to who they could meet and who they could contact and the population would decrease because generally they would spend all the time in their towns with the families rather than going out and meeting new people who they can marry and have children with.

Finally the general health of people would get worse because nutrion and hygiene would decrease as there would be no processed foods made in factories which the majority of people would now eat and the only food people could eat would be freshly made in fields and there would be a higher risk of disease as it wouldn’t have been thoroughly checked in machines in factories. By making people eat only freshly made foods their diet would be restricted and they would lose weight and not be as healthy.

Also there would be no plumbing systems and so there would be no electric howers making it very difficult for people to keep themselves clean and like the roman times people would have to bathe publicly. Overall I believe that the greatest invention of all time is the harnessed electricity because without it every day human life would be nearly impossible and the amount of lives that electricity has saved is over millions and those people wouldn’t be here now if it was for electricity. It has saved more lives than every other invention made and therefore it has made a greater impression of the world today because without it human life would be impossible.

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