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Grass fed based farms

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I’m sure that some still exist on these kinds of farms in many place . In grass fed farms there is a better quality of life for the animals and they get the chain CE to roam unlike the others where they might be consumed in a small little space and w loud have to sit there day after day. Why should a farmer go grass fed ? What are the benefits? When the animals are properly pastured, raising grass fed beef cattle on grass based farms are able to yield you more meat up to 200 pounds more, which could have less fat and c loud be provided at less cost than the commercial grain fed beef.

If the persons land p reduces ay or if they are able to keep cattle in the pasture for a good part of the year, they will be able to savemoneyby growing their own feed and raising grass fed beef o n their farm which is a good benefit to not just there self. Think that grass fed farms sound like something I would do if I were trying to decide which farm to do. Pastures and organic parts of grass based farms are good things for farmers.

In the pastures part of livestock it has benefits for the people who buy the prod cuts and for the ones who eat them, the farmers, and the animals along with the envier moment, I’m o grass based farmers provide their animals with as much pasture as they ca n because it helps everyone out. A long time ago originally all of the livestock were raised on pasture grass bas deed fed farms. But not all grass based farming is the same.

A new method I found online was a method known as (managed intensive rotational grazing) (MIR) which is something that offers great benefits over both of the confinement and oldster e animal grass based grazing methods. In MIR, animals are moved from a field to anon there field based on the stage of the grass in the field. This is something that allows the rammer to avoid over growing the grass land, while making it able for livestock to go into the pasture. The cows and other farm animals known as cattle are used and born to eat grass, so that the grass fed pasture is used for them.

The cattle are much heal their than the cattle fed in the industrialized grains that are kept in small fenced in areas inside mostly. There are environmental benefits of grass fed pasture based farming also. T lets the animals do the work and not the machines like in industrialized farms They harvest and feed themselves and fertilize their pastures, overseen by the far err In a closely monitored system that would be developed by the farmer. Overall the re is less fossil fuel consumption, less erosion, less air andwater pollutionand a much greater soil fertility percentage.

When I did some research online, saw that compare d to plowed cropland, pasture can add up to a whole lot more tons of carbon dioxide De in the organic matter of soils. This is an something in the reduction of greenhouse g asses, which means that there would be increased amounts Of land for farmers. There are many different benefits to the farmer. The grass fed pasture based arming can let farmers free from the expensive tractors and machines used t o grow and harvest feed crops, and they don’t have the waste disposal and disease is sues that come with confinement feeding.

Their farms become safer places for children to be around the animals and help with farm work. Pasture expert Bill Murphy obsess revs, ” When they come to pasture farming, it is such a relief for farmers. They get RI d of all these problems: cropfailure, pesticide failure, huge debt. Pasture manage NT is, in some ways, about old knowledge taken to a new level. At Organic farm lands, they want this to continue to grow.

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