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Google drawing report

Google drawing is a feature in the Google documents. There is a need to log in to Google to use the feature. In Google drawing you can create, share, and edit drawings online easily. This tool can create everything from project timelines to launch plans. For example, to make charts, diagram, or designs. There are specific things you can do with Google drawing:
– Edit drawing online in real time with anybody you choose and you can invite other users online to view your drawing editing.
– If someone is editing your drawing, you can chat with that person at the same time within the drawing editor.
– Drawings can be published on line to the world as images. You can also download your drawings in a standard formats.
– Inserting text, arrows, shapes, images, and scribbles from your hard drive or from the web is unlimited. It means that as long as you need it then you can insert those features on your drawing.
– When you layout your drawings in a precise manner, there are guide alignments, snap to grid, and an auto distribution.
– You can also insert your drawings in other Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides through the web clipboard and simply tweak inline. Web clipboard is where you can copy and paste images and text in all of your documents, sheets, and slides even if you are going from a file to another files. The moment you copy images from your desktop application from your computer you can paste it right away in your document, spreadsheet, and presentation. In addition, you can utilize keyboard shortcuts, right-click menu to copy and paste in Google documents, spreadsheet, and presentations.

How to use Google Drawing in the Classroom

There are many ways on how to use Google drawing in the classroom. Google drawing is use in visual vocabulary, graphic organizer, categorizing frames, character wheels, and more.

Visual Vocabulary

In any Google document, drawings can be embedded. As a teacher, you can have students record of the day in a spreadsheet and the definition and sentences on it. As a student, you can create a picture or symbol that helps you to remember a word. Some students are visual learners. Through this method, students can learn more and it really works for them. The illustration below shows how visual vocabulary is used.

Graphic Organizer

Google drawing allows students to embed their brain frames or organizers in their writing. By means of this, students can see the process and the final product. An example for this is shown below.

Here is the open response question. This student chose #2:

Categorizing Frames
The illustration below show the effect of categorizing frames to students.
Character Wheels
Google drawing is used to demonstrate knowledge. For example, a student can create a wheel of a person’s character traits. See illustration below.

Summary from a video link on You Tube published on June 9, 2013.

A tutorial on the Basics of Google Drawing
Making a drawing is to click the Create button and on the Drawing link. On a new drawing canvas, you can enter a line, shape, text box, or image. The line tool allows you to create a line, arrow, curve, polyline, arc, or scribble by simply dragging and clicking at a desired length. In drawing one of the line types, you can also choose a large selection of lines that you enter in your drawing and create a proportional shapes. The next icon is the text box that will allow you to write anything and anywhere. Finally, the image icon will allow you to choose any images from your computer to your drawing. One of the important parts in Google drawing is the Arrange icon; this will allow you to decide what order you want on your drawing.


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