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A workplace require many things be it employee perks or flexible working hours, work-life balance programs or health insurances, either Onsite health benefits or employee development, great atmosphere to work with or employee rewards, all of these if provided to the employees’ they would remain sincere and motivated towards their work. This research paper seeks to know whether Marriot International Fulfills all the employees’ wants and demands for the place they would like to work at. The research has concluded that Marriott promises and has proved to be the best place the employees’ would want to work at.

Marriot International

Marriott International, Inc is one of the famous and leading companies promising to provide the best accommodation to people. FORTUNE magazine has named it in the list for “ Best 100 Companies to work for.” In addition to this, it provides lodging facilities and corporate housing worldwide with several franchises hotels. Today, 3, 700 and more of its lodging properties are located in 72 other countries and territories US included, that are owned by Marriot all alone.
The Ritz-Carlton, TownePlace Suites, Bulgari, EDITION, Gaylord Hotels, Renaissance, Autograph Collection, Marriott Executive Apartments, Marriott, Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, JW Marriott, AC Hotels by Marriott and ExecuStay, are 16 brands under whom Marriot franchises their hotels. Moreover licensed vacation ownership is provided by three additional brands: Grand Residences by Marriott, Marriott Vacation Club, and The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club. In the hotel industry, Marriott is a multinational which is coherently distinguished as a leading employer. Its business operations are based on five core values: people are a priority, pursue excellence, adopt change, act with rectitude, and serve the world. (Indeed one search. All jobs, 2014)
Apart from this Marriott does not seek for profits alone only but aims to serve people through its spectacular corporate social responsibility program. With the immense support of their associates Marriot has been successful in building thousands of refugee camps in 15 countries whenever a major disaster has occurred, or any incident has happened. Furthermore through charity events and donations collected the company does not lag behind in feeding the hungry and alleviating poverty. Moreover, an ever appreciating and most creative step that Marriot has taken is to help the homeless for jobs. The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) taken by the company provides a six-month program teaching vocational & life skills to young people that include rehabilitated victims of trafficking, etc. (Marriot. com, 2014)

Overview of Marriott International

Marriott was named to the Fortune list for the third time consecutively. A poll was held of approximately 33, 400 randomly selected employees at thousand of companies nationwide. The poll was conducted by the Great Places to Work Institute in San Francisco, to know and take employee reviews about the companies working environment. (Csr. com, 2014)
Marriot’s “ Living our core values” practice converges on ensuring that managers have know-how, they teach employees and are a representative of the company’s five core values. This customs results in all hotel general managers having brief group sessions with their associates, discussing issues vital to them such as saving for retirement, like how to open a checking account or get a car loan. Ultimately it results in everyone’s active participation in the company. (Hubert, 2014)
According to a video posted by Financial Review about Best places to work is Marriott, in which employees have given their reviews about their work experiences and what’s so unique about Marriott. To summarize the employee reviews, Marriot has a work environment which makes employees feel like one big family. In addition to this, employees are quite happy with the Marriott’s efforts towards the development of employees through various training programs, and how the company creates opportunities for employee trainings. It is a place that gives them the capacity and to grow, while other companies would not do that. They are not ready to invest in employees as much or focus on their development and growth, but Marriot does.
Marriot is a company which gives so much care to their employees that they actually feel valued, as there is a Strong bonding and relationship between the Top level and middle level/lower level managers or staff and no gap at all. (Marriot, 2014)
Marriott International works as a strong brand. This means it has not just made up beautiful buildings and hired a high number of staff, etc. it has a strong management. Strong management is a key to success for all sorts of businesses and to keep customers happy & satisfied. Managers and staff at Marriott very well know the art of good management. This would ensure smooth working environment for employees and a good dealing with the customers. Furthermore, the company guarantees fair treatment to the employees. Employees at Marriott do feel special when there is a procedure where employees’ are heard, and the complaints and concerns directly reach Bill’s office as soon as the HR manager finds out about the existence of the issue.
There are some of the 12 rules of Success of Marriott that proves why one should work for Multinationals like Marriott International:
1. Create a competitive environment to encourage the team to outstrip.
2. When employees are treated pleasantly, they will treat the customers nicely.
3. Rejoice flying colors of the employees’ and not owns
4. The better communication with the associates the better it is for the company
5. Top level managers are not just supposed to stay in their offices all day, but interact with people and be approachable
6. Exploring talents and skills of people while hiring rather than with specific experience.
7. Take criticisms and problems as an opportunity to rise and shine. (‘ The making of a great Place to Work- the story of Marriott International’, 2014)
For the first time, Marriott in the year 2014 received the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® award from the National Business Group on Health. Marriot was honored in the Gold category of this award for their rich and diverse cultural, work environment and initiate programs that promote employees’ healthy lifestyle.
For example, in 2010 Marriott had inaugurated a “ TakeCare program” and the reason behind this was to empower employees manage their health on personal capacity. Under the take care program initiative free health seminars, assessments, maternity support and a “ stop smoking” campaign were held. TakeCare initiative is beneficial for its associates as it helps them both enhance and safeguard their health. Thus, Marriott believes in creating a healthy work environment for associates. (Digitek, 2014)
Furthermore, Working Mother Magazine claims Marriott International to be as one of the 2014 Working Mother 100 Best Companies. Working mothers all over the nation (US) have agreed in favour of the hotel chain’s adjustable personnel option, which permits them flexible working hours which could be the most convenient thing for a married couple and children. Only 355 associates availed it last year, but 72% of them were women—and their ranks are continuously growing. As per Julie Escanilla, senior director for talent procurement, to her the program meant more time with her children—and a gain in salary. Users often get stipends for internet, telephone and skills certification costs, as they even have an option to telecommute and still are able to access the company’s child-care discounts and its on-site child-care facility at the Bethesda, MD, headquarters. (Wlns. com, 2014)
Marriott International has no discrimination against women as usually discrimination against women is something becoming common now days in a business culture even though our society has totally modernized. Many companies do not fulfill their promises of any discrimination against women. However, Marriott has proved its promise. Some of the statistics provided prove the point mentioned. Percentage of Women managers/execs: 50%, Women corporate executive hired in 2008: 25%, , Women on board of directors: 18%, , Women in leadership and management training in the past year: 40%, Women among top earners: 43%, Women participating in formalized executive succession planning last year: 45%, Women promoted previous years who utilized a formal flexible work arrangement: 85%, Formal compensation policies reward managers who help women advance: Yes. (Workingmothers. com, 2014)
Everybody wishes to be employed at the best companies in the region as they are famous, as well as they are outshined because of a reason. Such companies even offer higher wages to employees’ than other companies who are not that big of multinationals and aren’t famous as well. An individual would be more than happy to get a job in one of the biggest multinationals in the nation as it would even build a good portfolio as well as give a quality time and experience in the organization. For the ninth consecutive year in 2013 Marriott International, has been recognized by the FORTUNE magazine as the most appreciated company in the industry of lodging, for. Marriott was ranked at the top across all industries in the greater Washington, D. C. area, which includes the District of Columbia, as well as Maryland and Virginia. (Fortune, 2014)
There is a reason Marriott International was ranked at 57th number by FORTUNE magazine. Marriott offers firstly, the currency award. That is the perfect employee incentive gift to reward an employee for his loyalty to the organization. Now vacations at Marriott are meant for relaxing weekends, delicious meals, soothing spa treatments and more. Available in denominations from $25 to $2, 000, employees can use the Travel Card for dining, lodging, sports, spa, and more!
While the employee Stay Awards employees are inspired and rewarded with the dream of having a vacation at 5-star hotels —wherever and whenever they want. Stay awards include All-Americas that offer accommodations, applicable room taxes, and breakfast for two, etc. This offer is valid for 15 months.
Furthermore with the experience travel card, people do not necessarily need to stay at the hotel; they can use the card as cash worldwide, for luxurious dining, recreational activities, etc. The awards are initiated to reward the employees for their sincerity and hard work with the organization and encourage the concept that employees need entertainment, and fun too, not just work all the time. These attractive awards suit best to everybody since all need vacations or relaxing weekends after a hectic working week. (Marriot. com, 2014)


Be it health care services, maternity care, vacation awards or flexible working hours, after this research a conclusion can be drawn that Marriott is the best working place for the employees where employees would get all the necessary benefits with friendly and comfortable, family-like work environment and high wages. Nobody can miss out on such a unique opportunity to work for because Marriott International since Marriott International provides you all that you want.


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