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Good google essay example

What is the organization’s background (include citation)?

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were students at Stanford (Google. com n. p.). Originally, the search engine was called BackRub and was later renamed to Google in 1997 (Google. com n. p.). By December of 1998 Google was considered the best search engine according to PC Magazine (Google. com n. p.). Since then Google has begun AdWords, the Google toolbar, Gmail, Google+ and more.

What is the purpose of the organization?

Google’s purpose is to create innovative technologies to improve the web and people’s ability to use the web (Google. com n. p.).

What does the company offer/sell?

While they are known for their amazing search engine, so much so that searching for something online is often referred to as “ googling”, they offer much more. They sell advertising to businesses. They offer Google + for networking purposes. They offer free e-mail. They have a web browser, Chrome. They offer video chat. It offers Picasa for picture editing and sorting, along with free storage space for pictures.

Where is the organization located?

As pointed out on page 2 of the textbook, like so many other technical companies, Google is mainly located in Silicon Valley in California.

What is the organization’s structure (hierarchy)?

The company is comprised of three main parts: the administrative, executive and operational levels (Hierarchystructure. com n. p.). Each of these parts has a series of job titles under it. For instance, the administrative level starts with the Chairman and then goes to President, Vice Chairman, CEO, Informational Director, etc (Hierarchystructure. com n. p.).

Where can this organization be found in your textbook and what chapter is it under (include citation)?

Information about the Google Company is found in Chapter 1 on pages 2 and 3. Although the company is mentioned in several other chapters, this is the only one with extensive information.

How does the textbook relate this organization to organizational behavior (include citation)?

On pages 2 and three of the textbook the way in which Google treats its employees and the methods it uses to recruit top talent and keep it. This is part of human relations in organizational behavior.
In the chapter where the organization is found, explain at least 1 term or concept and explain how you think it could be related to the organization (no citation).
The concept of Human Capital is of upmost importance to Google. Since its ability to maintain its business as well as innovate and stay ahead of other technical firms is based upon the talent which it hires, the human capital element for Google cannot be understated. Without having greatly talented and innovative employees, Google would begin to fail.
Based on your research about this organization, how does it appear that people work and relate at the individual, group, and organizational level (no citation).
It seems that Google tries to maintain a fun work environment that encourages collaboration between employees without it having to be forced or planned. They have comfortable meeting rooms, coffee bars, kitchens, meeting booths and more. This allows for easy one on one and group meetings without the pressure of a normal meeting. This allows creative juices to flow, which is what is needed at an organizational level.
Based on your research about this organization, how do they appear to manage motivation, teamwork, leadership, OR organizational change (choose at least 1, no citation)?
Google motivates its employees in many ways. It offers competitive salaries as well as benefits. The workplace environment it creates is stimulating and fun, further motivating employees. They allow their employees to spend 20% of their time pursuing their own ideas. Also, they offer training to their employees. If an employee shows interest in something, they try to oblige with some kind of education.

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